Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bunny Cakes

Spring is here. This weekend I took small pleasures in ice cream truck music, the smell of sunblock, the sound of baseballs and gloves at the park, the pink saucer magnolias all over town, the Bradford Pear in the back yard:

And bunny cakes from my favorite Italian bakery:

Poor Mr. T has been chained to his concept boards all Easter break. He's taking very little pleasure in much of anything these days, even sweet treats:

However, he did take a small break to transform into Battle Cat:

Between college closings and my normal days off, I ended up with a four day weekend for Easter. And it's been so wonderful so far. Every day has been warm and sunny, and every day Mr. S and I have gone to the park to take advantage of it. We always bring a whole tote bag of bubbles, sidewalk chalk and bouncy balls and spend the a good portion of the day looking for acorns, digging for worms, chasing squirrels and playing on the playground. Seamus has perfected his squirrel call and is determined to catch one.

Aside from all that time out of doors, we've been playing a lot inside too. I wanted to find a couple of kid-friendly crafts to do with Mr. S over the break and found this Easter wreath. We made a big mess with Easter grass and glue, but it was totally worth it.

Some of the Easter grass became a nest for salamanders:

And somehow, I kept the cat from ingesting a single strand of it, even though our entire living room was covered.

But of course the best craft of all was Easter egg dying, which we did on Easter Eve:

And on Easter day, I hid them in our back yard, and Seamus had a big-time Easter egg hunt.

Of course the Easter bunny also paid us a visit that same day. Mr. S was very excited about that big rabbit. And for good reason too. Just look at the loot he woke up to this morning:

The day was almost perfect, and would have been complete had I realized that a ten and a half pound ham takes about four and a half hours to cook. This is what happens when a vegetarian has to prepare meat. I always screw it up, and since T was so busy with school work, it was all up to me. And the best part was, our Easter ham was free. If you spent $300 at our local grocery store in the month of March (and boy did we!), you receive a turkey, ham or lasagna free. And even though I won't eat the ham, there's something very comforting about having a traditional Easter dinner. Anyhowish, I waited until way too late in the day to get we ended up ordering pizza from Joe's and will have our Easter dinner tomorrow, when I will let that ham roast all day and serve it with scalloped potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls and honey-glazed carrots.

Happy Easter from the Gwyns

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