Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring? Is that you?

It would appear that Spring has sprung, though I'd be foolish to really believe that. I just know we've got at least one more big snow left before it warms up. Nevertheless, my upstairs neighbor pointed out the Bradford Pear in our back yard yesterday and how its buds are swelling. Also, the geese are back (some of them never seemed to leave this season). This week I've heard them honking in the sky above our house on their way to the bay.

The last few days have been warm and sunny--jacket weather. Seamus and I took advantage of this on Sunday and Monday (my days off) and walked all over town--loafing as T calls it--and played in the back yard and in the park.

We discovered the joys of sidewalk chalk. Seamus has two uses for this: making hatch marks over every conceivable surface of the outdoors and rubbing two chalks pieces together pretending to make fire.

We've also been blowing lots of bubbles lately:

And swinging:

And playing hopscotch, or just running back and forth over the hopscotch board after pelting it with rocks and sticks:

I have this enormous flower pot that my best friend in high school gave me one birthday; he'd filled it with potting soil and seeds. I use it to hold kitchen utensils these days. It's roundish like a vase and has spades and shovels painted all over it, but along the rim is painted the phrase: There is always a day in winter when one can smell the coming of spring.

A few weeks ago when we were hit by two big snow storms in a row, I started thinking about that vase and its little phrase. I don't think I've ever had such a longing for spring to be here as I now do. I hope this weather sticks around. It's been so fabulous to spend most of my days off out of doors.

I've been knitting up a storm lately and just finished the Botanica Medallion cardigan from the Summer 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting.

I liked this pattern because it looks like a shawl, but there are arm holes placed in the center sides and it makes a lovely cascade down your back. The only time I had to knit this was on the train, and sometimes I'd put it down to work for a bit on a hat for someone, so it took me about six months to finish. I just blocked it last night and can't wait to wear it to work on Thursday, where I'll do a show and tell with my knitting circle. Yep, that's right I have an inkling of a social life. A few of us knitters at my workplace have taken to knitting on our lunch breaks together one day a week, and one Saturday a month. This Saturday we met for the first time and had pizza and cupcakes from across the street. Seeing as I have no time for a social life, this knitting circle is breath of fresh air and the lovliest group of ladies.

Between knitting and all the yoga I've been doing I've conquered the stress that caused all my stomach pain from November-January. Sorry it took me so long to post an update on here, but after an ultrasound and a couple of visits to the doctor, I found out that stress and IBS (which kind of go hand in hand) were the culprits. My IBS symptoms went away when I became pregnant and didn't come back until about six months ago. Even though I still have a lot of stress in my life, following my IBS diet and practicing yoga has completely extinguished the problem. For some reason, most doctors I've spoken to over the years no nothing abou the IBS diet. They always list a few medications and look confused when I tell them I'm managing the symptoms through my diet. The problem is the diet works so well that after you follow it for awhile you kind of forget you have IBS and start eating normally again, and then all the symptoms start coming back. If you know anyone suffering from this, please direct them to this website: www.helpforibs.com. It's a God send.

Speaking of stress...

T will probably be going for job interviews sometime next month. However, we have no idea with whom. The director the toy design program sets everything up, and at this point we haven't much of an idea about where he may be going. We could be packing up to move in a couple of months, or we may be staying right here. I'll post as I know more. Hoping for a permanent job with a great company in location with some sort of nature.


Mary said...

Let's hope Spring is here! I'm sick of snow (although we got a lot less than you did) and I'm getting tired of rain. The last couple of days have been beautiful! Glad to hear you're enjoying nice weather and the opportunity to get out in it, too! Great job on the vest, too!

Love you!

Rickety Rosie said...

I love his baseball cap!

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