Sunday, January 10, 2010


I just had to post pics of the fabulous t-shirt one of my co-workers made for Mr. S.

When I saw Andrey wearing an adult version of this shirt at work one day, I told him how my boy would love one. Turns out Andrey makes these shirts, and many others, and sells them in Union Square and on his site:

He happened to notice the monster hat I made for Seamus, and the swap was on! I made Andrey this here Stegasaurus hat in exchange for two shirts for Seamus.

One of the shirts is a custom-designed manatee shirt, since my little nature boy has been obsessed lately with manatees. I'll post pics of that one once it's ready.

By the way, we have a big ol'Christmas post coming up. It'll take me ten years to download all the photos, but I promise it's coming.

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