Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SmokeLong Quarterly

Issue 26 of SmokeLong Quarterly is live with my story Arrows. There are too many amazing writers in this one to mention just a few....so you must read them all. I think this may be the best issue yet.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mr. S Recommends...

Another favorite by Dav Pilkey. Seamus is turning out to be Mr. Pilkey's biggest fan, and has been talking about The Hallo-Wiener all day today. Next time you're in the library or the bookstore, give this a quick read...because we all could use a laugh.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Because of the Jewish holiday, T and I both ended up with a three day weekend. Well, T still had a class on Friday, but no Saturday class. We love you, Rosh Hashannah!

On Saturday we met a couple of the other toy design students in the city and paid a visit to the Complete Sculptor, where T loaded up on Chavant. We passed this psychedlic llama outside a cafe on the way there. Mr. S just had to pet his ears:

Afterwards we went to the Olive Garden, where you can still eat cheap in Manhattan if you order the unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks for $6.95. I was taken back to my second and third trimesters of pregnancy when I craved and craved Olive Garden salads, and we must have eaten there at least once a week.

After the OG, we said good-bye to our friends and headed over to Books of Wonder, a most amazing children's bookstore on 18th and 6th.

They had every kind of kids book you could imagine and a very friendly and helpful staff.

Seamus walked away with the Little Golden classic, The Lion's Paw and a couple of Dav Pilkey books, including my favorite of his, Kat Kong, which is a retelling of King Kong using photos of the author's very own pet cat and pet mice.

Inside Books of Wonder is the Cupcake Cafe.

We could resist a few indulgences on the way out the door:

We took our leisurely time walking back to the train and enjoyed being downtown on a beautiful Saturday:

Later that night the cold I'd been fighting off all week, finally got the best of me. I'm pretty sure I have ear infections in both ears and bronchitis again. Thank God for Sudafed and Ibuprofen and the inhaler the doctor gave me last time I had this thing. I've never been so sick as when I moved up here. It's been one cold after another.

Even though I felt pretty week, I could let a sunny day go to waste. T and I took Mr. S down to the playground and then out for ice cream.

Back to work and school again tomorrow...but looking forward to another long weekend next week when Yom Kippur begins.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Now I Know My ABCs

Seamus has known his ABCs for several months now but I've only recently been successful at capturing the proof on video.


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Last year about this same time the Catholic church down the street had a big carnival, and it was one of the first social things we did in Bayonne. When it came back this year we couldn't miss it...even though it was raining.

Seamus picked up ducks and won a Nemo toy:

He also road a carnival ride for about ten seconds before he freaked out and they had to stop the ride. Luckily he was the only kid on it.

We all loved watching the older kids scream on the scary rides:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

I thought the day was headed in this direction:

But it ended up like this:

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