Saturday, February 28, 2009

He Speaks!

I've been trying to capture Seamus talking on video for awhile now, and finally today I got it. Unfortunately, the camera angle isn't the best, but you get a pretty good idea of what a typical Mr. S converstaion is like these days.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Seamus's Big Boy Bed

Seamus's big boy bed finally arrived yesterday, and Seamus spent his first night sleeping on it last night. It's so tiny and reminds me of one of the little beds from Snow White and Seven Dwarves. The perfect size for toddler. Seamus absolutely LOVES it to say the least, but he especially loves the dinosaur sheets and comforter. He calls it his Anky bed (the Ankylosaurus is his favorite dinosaur, but he can't pronounce the whole word yet).

It was so much fun getting his room ready for the new bed, and Seamus had a blast helping Papa dismantle his old one:

Now he looks forward to naptime and there's very little fussing when it's time for bed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This morning I took two trains into Hoboken to take the U.S. Census Bureau's employment test. The Census Bureau needs field representatives to go door to door collecting info for the big 2010 census. I thought this would be a neat job, being a part of history and all that, getting to know my community a little better. Plus the pay is actually nice and the hours are flexible. It took me a few tries to actually find the testing site, which was in the basement of a public housing complex in a town I'm not all that familiar with. I expected the test site to be packed with all the other people looking for employment, but there was only one other gentleman in there with me. When I sat down he told me he'd taken the test before and failed and that it was difficult. It was, in fact, much harder than the practice test I took online. There were lots of trick questions and multiplying of decimals. There were 28 questions in all, and you only have to get 10 right to be considered for employment. We had 30 minutes to complete the test and I kept getting distracted by the constant flow of water from the pipes right over my head, and the apartment tennants who came out to the parking lot to chat. But I finished with time to spare and went back over all the answers I wasn't sure of. The Census people will call me in two weeks with my test results and should let me know then if there are any field reps needed in my area.

The temp agency I interviewed with doesn't seem to be panning out. No phone calls from them whatsoever. When I call them to check in, they tell me there simply aren't any jobs yet. Oh, how I wish our new president had a magic wand.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mr. S's Big Weekend

Oh, What a weekend Mr. S has had! Let me begin at the beginning with our Saturday visit to Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet in Hoboken. Our ErgoBaby carrier finally arrived, and we used it instead of the stroller on our visit. It's pretty comfortable all around, and I can place Seamus on my front (we call this being Kangaroos), my back (we call this being black bears) or my hip (which we haven't tried yet and don't have a name for). It was nice having my hands free on the train and not having to load the stroller into the elevator to get up and down from the platform.

Once in Hoboken, we walked from Hoboken Terminal along the Hudson, which is about a mile, to Mike and Janet's apartment. Seamus had never been to their apartment, but I had been preparing him all day for their incredible aquarium, which is enormous and full of bright yellow and pinkish fish and crawdads. Seamus LOVED watching the fish (especially a certain one named Rosie). He also loved exploring Mike and Janet's apartment.

Mike and Janet gave him a bag of plastic bugs and a plastic Bracheosaurus, which he loves and would sleep with if we'd let him. The bugs have come in very handy. I've been putting them in my tote bag and pulling them out whenever Seamus needs some entertainment. We had a lovely visit with Mike and Janet, went out to eat and got all caught up, had some delicious cheesecake and headed back home. All the way home Seamus kept saying, bye Mike and Janet, bye yellow fishes, bye Rosie. And the next day when T and I took him to NYC, he kept asking if we were going to Mike and Janet's again.

On the way to NYC on Sunday, we stopped at Hoboken Terminal to feed the seagulls. They all fled when they saw us coming, but the second I removed the bag of Chex cereal from my tote, they swarmed us. We ended up feeding some pigeons, petrels and sparrows as well. Seamus had a couple of pigeons right at his feet, practically eating out of his hand. As he fed them he kept saying, dinner's ready.

We made sure the birds were adequately fed before heading into the city. It was raining this day and we weren't too sure about wearing the ErgoBaby all day long; so we left the house with the stroller and the rain cover. Seamus fell asleep as soon as we got city, but woke up in time for lunch.

We ate at a little dinner we happened upon called Harrie's. Seamus ate lots of french fries, put a straw in his sipper cup and made his first fish face.

After lunch, we wandered around the city and kept stumbling on historic landmarks. That's the nice thing about NYC; every building and every street has a story, or has been featured in a movie. We actualy ventured up to Columbus Circle so that T could see a Ghost Buster's landmark.

Somehow every time we visit the city we always end up in midtown, and this trip was no exception. I guess because of the rain, Times Square wasn't nearly as crowded as in visits past, and so we decided to brave Toys R' Us for another shot at T-Rex.

This time Seamus was not afraid. He even posed in front of T-Rex and, at one point, touched his foot. He's been talking about it ever since.

While at TRU we ran into Spiderman and Geoffrey the Giraffe, and before we left T stood in line behind Kelly Ripa in the videogame section. She was shopping with her kids, buying a wii fit and some games. According to Thomas, she's even more stunning in person.

We got into the city around lunchtime, but didn't end up getting home until nearly 8 o'clock. You might think our big weekend ended there, and that would have been enough, but the fun wasn't over yet. Around 9 o'clock last night Seamus decided to climb out of his crib and ended up on the floor with a busted lip and giant knot on the top of his head. I have been dreading this moment for some time now. I knew he was approaching the magic height of 36 inches, when it's time for a big boy bed, but I had no idea we would need one so soon. He's only 33 inches tall, but he's a climber and he's very strong.

We had a long night last night. First let me say Seamus is fine and dandy. No concussion. But we did keep him up for awhile to monitor him. He thought this was the most exciting thing ever and kept running around the house, playing with his new plastic bugs. When we tried to put him back to bed, this time with his mattress on the floor, he wanted none of it and kept getting up to play. He finally went sleep just after midnight and was wide awake this morning at 6:30.

I ordered his toddler bed today, along with a dinosaur comforter set. We'll see how much sleep we all get tonight.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Mr. S Movie

Seamus talks about the iguana at our local pet store. This is what we do for cheap entertainment in Bayonne. Pet stores and bakeries. We went to visit the iguana the other day, and someone had purchased him.


Mr. S had his fourth haircut the other day, and it looks like the fourth time's the charm. This time we found THE barber. Sal's barbershop on Broadway is an old school barber, with decor and electric razors straight out of the early 70s. Sal himself cut Seamus's hair (we think he's the only employee), and gave him a meticulous and dashing cut...perfect for a little gentleman. Here's the before:

And here's the after (he has a little bedhead here, but you get the idea):

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday in the Park

It’s only 8:30 and everyone’s sleeping except me. Mr. T is completely spent from Toy Fair, which he said was a bit of a disappointment (apparently if you’re just a student and not a buyer, toy people have no use for you). And Mr. S has finally settled down after meowing like a cat and roaring like a dinosaur in his bed for the past 45 minutes. We let him watch the Slimer scene from Ghost Busters today which he loved, and then we let the movie play as we ran around the house and made dinner. Seamus ended up watching the part where the dog/gargoyle statue comes to life, and I saw the most frightened look come over his face, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the TV. Then he asked Papa to hold him. We turned the movie off, and he’s been talking about the big monster chasing the man and eating him up (which isn’t exactly what happens). Anyway, now I’m worried he’ll have nightmares.

Still no news on the job front. I had an interview with a temp agency on Thursday. This one staffs law offices, finance companies, real estate offices, etc. I took all the requisite typing and Microsoft Office tests, along with math, spelling and vocabulary tests. And now, I guess I just wait. I hate waiting; it makes me nervous. The man I interviewed with told me they could call at any time with an ASAP assignment. They could call 15 minutes after I walk out the door, he told me. They didn’t. And they didn’t call Friday either. If I haven’t heard from them in a week, I’m supposed to call them. Has anyone else ever worked with a temp agency? I’m hopeful. I applied at Gap, JC Penney and a few other mall and box stores, but have heard nothing.

Mr. S and I went to the park today. It was 40 degrees, but sunny and clear, and the geese were on the ball field and in the bay.

The seagulls were out too:

We also say these guys:

I’m guessing these are Bufflehead Ducks? They wouldn’t let us get too close to them, and this picture was the best the zoom on my camera could do.

Mr. S had fun swinging and sliding and running. He wouldn’t let me push him in the swing, except for one big push and then he wanted me to swing next to him. So we swung together like best friends. And then he slid on the big slide all by himself, twice, which was a first.

We had fun, but couldn't stay long since it was kind of chilly, and Seamus is getting over a lingering cough. His doctor isn't sure why this cough won't go away, and she's not calling it bronchitis or asthma, but she's put him on a nebulizer four times a day. There are other children in his day care class on nebulizers too, and his doctor thinks they're passing some sort of virus around, and Seamus just keeps getting it over and over. We use the nebulizer for a week, and if the cough is still there, we're trying antibiotics. Other than the cough and a slight runny nose, Seamus is his happy, normal self.

Mr. T Goes to Toy Fair!

Mr. T goes to Toy Fair today. Have fun, Mr. T and bring us back lots of SWAG!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More child said these words tonight at dinner. And yesterday when presented with a PB&J and a bowl of peas, he pushed the PB&J to the side, ate all the peas and then asked for more. Mr. S is such a health nut. I've been a vegetarian for 15 years and still can't stand tofu, and although I LOVE veggies, I will usually take a PB&J or junk food over them any day. Seamus would rather eat strawberries or blueberries than cookies, and is constantly asking if the strawberries are all gone, if he can have a clementine or a tangerine or a "slippery mango." I hope he doesn't grow out of this.

More quirks to report regarding Mr. S:
The past three mornings he has woken me and Mr. T up meowing.

He's starting to pretend-play more and more. His dinosaurs will have whole conversations. They fight and make up. They nose-kiss. They ask their mommies for food. Sometimes, he'll run up to me and say, Hurry, hurry Mommy! The big bad wolf is coming, and he'll start running and squealing through the house.

He is obsessed with Batgirl. He has been for awhile now. Mr. T has a $20 collectible Batgirl action figure and I have a Batgirl t-shirt (that I bought to impress Mr. T a long time ago), and Seamus has latched on to this character. Seamus found every way he could to get his hands on this action figure, and finally Mr. T gave it to him. Last night in the bathtub, her right leg fell off below the knee. A few nights ago, Mr. T showed Seamus clips from the Batgirl show on You Tube, and now all day long Seamus asks us to sing the Batgril song. Over and over. Just so you know what a horrible song this is...

In other news, I responded to a temp ad on craigslist today, and they called me a couple of hours later. Looks like I'll be going for an interview on Thursday. It will probably be clerical work that doesn't pay much, but I'll happily take it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Does anyone have one of these...

an ErgoBaby Carrier? Or do you know someone who does? I'm thinking of purchasing one and would love to know if they really do hold a child up to 55 lbs. Mr. S outgrew his Baby Bjorn a long time ago. If I ever find a job, this would be so much easier than lugging a stroller to and from work.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Special Delivery

Thank you Mammaw and Papaw Mark for a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise! Mr. S loved all the cookies and chocolate and had a great time coloring the Crayola valentine cards for the kids in his class. He's already decided which kid will get which animal valentine. Also, he loved the cool jungle valentine card you sent. I've placed it on his dresser next to his bed, and he keeps pulling it down to look at all the animals and listen to the jungle sounds when he opens it.


We had a good ol' time in Tennessee, and here are the pictures to prove it:

Birdwatching at Nora and Dan's house:

Mexican food at Cancun's with Nora and Dan:

Every morning there were deer in Grandie and Grandpa's backyard. Seamus hasn't stopped talking about the big mama deer and her babies. This was the best picture I could capture without scaring them all off:


The black bears at the Knoxville airport:

We wish we had more time to visit all the friends and family we've been missing for so many months now, but such is the nature of a last-minute, unplanned, very brief trip. Our plane landed Saturday afternoon and we departed Tuesday afternoon. We missed Thomas's family and all of our Johnson City friends, many of my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. But we had lovely time with Aunt Nora, Uncle Dan, Nana, and Grandie and Grandpa. We miss you all already!

And now we're home. It was great to get away from the hustle and bustle and take a break from job searching. And Seamus was happy to see Papa this morning. They watched little Fox and the Hound before breakfast:

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