Sunday, November 1, 2009

Big Ol' Post

This will be a long post since it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything aside from publication news here, and I have a lot of catching up to do with y’all.

First, I got new glasses:

These are vintage frames that I purchased from a great little store in the East Village called Fabulous Fanny’s. They specialize in vintage and antique frames and have every type of eyewear you could possibly imagine including opera glasses and monocles. They also have a friendly and helpful staff as well. When they saw me with my stroller looking in their window, they came out and opened the door for me. Then they helped me pick out just the right frame, brought out stock from the back based on what I liked, and they even gave Seamus two finger puppets to keep him happy the hour I was in there trying on frames. I wish I had the time and money to buy several of their frames.

I was so excited when I found this pair of black cateyes, and I couldn’t wait to have lenses put in them. Turns out it’s a good thing I like them because it looks like I may be stuck in glasses for awhile, if not permanently.

I’d noticed a few months ago that my vision seemed to be getting worse and even remarked to my co-workers that being on the computer all day was not boding well for my eyes. And then I’d noticed a couple of times in the train station that my left eye was a little blurry, and there were a couple of times I thought my left contact had fallen out when it hadn’t. So I figured my prescription had probably changed and the good people at Lens Crafters could fix me right up.

I went to Lens Crafters in the Newport Mall in Jersey two weeks ago, walked in and they saw me right away. I took my glasses off for one of the tests and made the comment to the optometrist’s assistant that I was blind as a bat without my glasses. Seamus was with me and was being very quiet at this point. A few minutes later he started shouting out, “My mama is a bat!” And the whole exam went downhill from there.

First of all, Seamus had had it with his stroller and was ready to go to the pet store and the Disney store and get a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s and was not at all interested, like I’d hoped he would be, in the dark room and the letters on the wall and the weird devices the doctor put over my eyes. Then he kept talking while the doctor asked me questions and before long he was throwing the toy he brought with him and kicking off his shoes and taking off his socks and trying to maneuver the stroller all over the exam room.

In the meantime, the doctor had finished my right eye and was taking forever with my left. None of the lenses she put over that eye were clear at all. In fact, most of the time I couldn’t even tell there were letters to be read. Then she asked me if the other eye doctors I’d seen in the past had ever been able to correct my left eye to 20/20. I told her they had and that I’d never had any major problems. Then she started asking me if I’d damaged my eye this past year. I answered no. Or had any eye infections recently? I answered no to this as well, though later I remembered I caught pink eye from Seamus a couple of weeks prior. Then she told me there was something wrong with my left eye, and that it was no longer correctable to 20/20. The best I could hope for with that eye was 20/40 with my glasses.

She did some other tests, trying to determine what could have caused my vision to suddenly get so much worse and came up with nothing. She said both of my eyes were so dry that it was difficult for her to get a good look at this one and put me on some drops and ointment, told me not to wear my contacts for at least a week, and to come back the following Friday when she hoped the drops would have helped with the dryness and she could get a better look at my left eye.

I followed her instructions with the drops and night time ointment and wore only my glasses, but when I came back the next week it was the same story. No change in the dryness of my eyes. I now have to use the eyedrops every hour and continue with the night time ointment. I go back again this Friday to see if there has been any change and if not, she’s referring me to a specialist.
I’m trying not to worry too much, and I’m enjoying my new frames. Will post more on Friday after I see the doctor again.

A couple of weeks ago Seamus had his school pictures taken. It was my day off so the two of us dropped by his day care for the occasion. He was such a little gentleman and took direction from the photographer like a pro. The photographer and teachers made the comment that they wished all the children were like Seamus. Of course, this makes a mama just beam! I can’t wait to see his pictures, and will probably be ordering a big package this year to stuff in Christmas cards.

A few days after the school pictures, my Nana and Uncle Steve came up for a visit. My Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet, who live in Hoboken, rented a zip car and zipped them all over to my apartment. We all had a lovely time hanging out in my living room and then having lunch at the Broadway Dinner. It was so nice seeing them again, and Seamus seemed to remember everyone and was very comfortable around them. Luckily for our family, my Uncle Mike is an amazing photographer, and he captured some great pictures of the visit including these:

And this one of me and Nana, which I’m going to have framed:

At work I’ve been in the process of interviewing, feels like non-stop. Recently, I hired 14 student workers, all of whom I had to interview, and now I’m in the middle of hiring another Circ staff member. The library has extended its hours to midnight four days a week, and we also open at 8 am now. We have more hours and fewer staff members. I’ve had to train my student aides to help out at the desk in a pinch and will be training this new staff member as well once I’ve hired them.

We’ve also had problem patrons, major roof leaks on the 6th floor right over our most expensive fashion forecasting area and throughout that floor, strong odors coming through the vents from the roof construction that’s going on in our building (students and staff have had to evacuate the building because of the smell), a creepy man getting past the security guards and wandering into our library to commit lewd acts in front of students, lots and lots of technology issues and copier refund issues and on and on. I’ve really been enjoying my days off to say the least.

T is still going strong in school. Sunday is his only day off and he often stays in the studio on campus until late at night. But his work is great and is coming along nicely.

Halloween came and went. Mr. S developed a fear of costumes and Halloween decorations and for most of October kept telling me he wanted to be “nuffin” for Halloween. I thought I’d talked him into a Robin Hood costume that I was planning on making, but in the end he refused to consider it. Finally at the last minute (just mere days before Halloween), he told me he wanted to be a purple cat. T and I set out to find a pair of purple pants and a purple hoodie and some cat ears, but by that time no one had cat ears and the only purple we could find was in the girls’ section at Target and was covered in flowers.

So we made do with some face paint and a pair of purple cat ears fashioned from a head band and some construction paper.

Then we set out trick-or-treating.

The loot was good in New Jersey. Most people handed out bags of candy instead of handfuls along with stickers and juice boxes.

We had a big time walking around our neighborhood. We ended the evening by letting Seamus stay up late to watch Gremlins (skipping all the goorey parts of course), which he thought was fabulous. And even though I’ve been at work all day and won’t be home until after he’s gone to bed, I’m pretty sure Seamus spent the better part of the day pretending to be Gizmo.

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