Sunday, September 20, 2009


Because of the Jewish holiday, T and I both ended up with a three day weekend. Well, T still had a class on Friday, but no Saturday class. We love you, Rosh Hashannah!

On Saturday we met a couple of the other toy design students in the city and paid a visit to the Complete Sculptor, where T loaded up on Chavant. We passed this psychedlic llama outside a cafe on the way there. Mr. S just had to pet his ears:

Afterwards we went to the Olive Garden, where you can still eat cheap in Manhattan if you order the unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks for $6.95. I was taken back to my second and third trimesters of pregnancy when I craved and craved Olive Garden salads, and we must have eaten there at least once a week.

After the OG, we said good-bye to our friends and headed over to Books of Wonder, a most amazing children's bookstore on 18th and 6th.

They had every kind of kids book you could imagine and a very friendly and helpful staff.

Seamus walked away with the Little Golden classic, The Lion's Paw and a couple of Dav Pilkey books, including my favorite of his, Kat Kong, which is a retelling of King Kong using photos of the author's very own pet cat and pet mice.

Inside Books of Wonder is the Cupcake Cafe.

We could resist a few indulgences on the way out the door:

We took our leisurely time walking back to the train and enjoyed being downtown on a beautiful Saturday:

Later that night the cold I'd been fighting off all week, finally got the best of me. I'm pretty sure I have ear infections in both ears and bronchitis again. Thank God for Sudafed and Ibuprofen and the inhaler the doctor gave me last time I had this thing. I've never been so sick as when I moved up here. It's been one cold after another.

Even though I felt pretty week, I could let a sunny day go to waste. T and I took Mr. S down to the playground and then out for ice cream.

Back to work and school again tomorrow...but looking forward to another long weekend next week when Yom Kippur begins.

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Kitty said...

Kat Kong is the greatest. We have been reading it alot. Syd likes to "read" it herself and describe the pictures. I miss you guys alot. I have been sculptingan anniversary present for Bobby and each time I work on it (while he is at school) I think of Thomas. Cannot imagine how happy I will be to see you guys.

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