Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mamaw and Papaw Mark Take New Jersey

We are so excited to have Mamaw and Papaw Mark paying us a visit. It's Saturday, and so far we've seen Ellis Island, Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty and spent most of today at the Jersey Shore. We've had such fun with them and will miss them to pieces!

Here's what we did Friday:

The Ferry to Ellis and Liberty Islands:

Ellis Island:

LIberty Island:

We saw lots of strange things on or over the Hudson...blimps over Manhattan, a kayaker in the river, cormorants and this fire boat drill:

Liberty Island has lots of green space. We had fun climbing trees and playing in the greass:

Goofing around on the ferry ride home:

We left Bayonne early this morning for the Jersey Shore and spent most of the day at Sandy Hook, a gorgeous little strip in the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by charming towns and old houses, some oif which are victorian. Not what you think of when you think of New Jersey. We had such a great time, and Seamus splashed and ran all over the beach, but my legs are now tingling from the sunburn I received.

Some boys found a dying fish and gave it a funeral. Seamus got to pay his respects:

Building sand castles:

Look what we caught:

Bye Mamaw and Mark! We'll miss you!


Thomas said...

I have been waiting to do some fun stuff since I got back from Hasbro. We had a blast! Considering mom's back problems, I'm surprised we did sooooooo much. The Dr. Enough and Moonpies were nice too. I look forward to their next visit!


Anonymous said...

WE enjoyed ever minute of it but not the traffic!(Lol)Seamus is such a sweet little man wish I could see him more often. I miss all of you already.Next time hope to stay longer can't wait to see you Christmas!I'll have plenty of good southern cooking for you!Give all my love. Mom

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