Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fun!

Went into the City today to see the Henry Darger exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum.

I have written and deleted numerous times in this blog post a brief description who Darger is and what his work is like, but I just can't do it without writing several paragraphs. Let me just say, his life is a fascinating, sad story, and if you haven't seen it already, the Jessica Yu documentary, In the Realms of the Unreal is very well-done and a great introduction to his work. (You can watch it instantly on Netflix).

The Folk Art Museum was really cool. We also saw Paula Nadelstern's Kaleidoscope Quilts, along with lots of cool Quaker and Shaker furniture, textiles, and some really beautiful scrimshaw pieces and duck and fish decoys.

This museum is right next to the MOMA and in a beautiful part of the city--even though it's sort of Hell on earth because of all the tourists and traffic. Trump Tower, Tiffany's and St. Thomas Cathedral are all right there.

I actually saw one of my first big celebrities today walking down Fifth Avenue...Betsey Johnson!

The only other celebrity I've seen since we've lived here was LeeannMarshall from Project Runway. Strange that both of my star sightings are fashion designers.

Anyway after the museum, we ventured over to FAO Schwartz and had a big time with Seamus.

FAO has a whole section of the store devoted to Schleich, Seamus's favorite animal replicas. We picked up a piglet before we left.

They also have a make your own muppet factory and of course a Barbie runway show, a candy store and the most beautiful Madame Alexander dolls, among other things. Seamus was terrified of the Madame Alexander Dolls.

We couldn't leave without purchasing some sweet treats. A lollipop for Mr. S:

And some chocolate peanut butter fudge for us:

This is the last of my three day weekends. Convocation is Monday and the semester starts the week after that. I've had it pretty easy this summer, but my job is about to get crazy. So this weekend we're planning on spending lots of time at the park with some bubbles and a super bouncy ball.

I'll close with the highlight of the day...the Big Piano at FAO Schwartz:



Thomas said...

I think my new nickname should be "Socks."

Kitty said...

Oh, all those dolls!!! I'd be in heaven. I have a great package to be enroute soon for you and Mr.S and Socks. I love you guys.

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