Sunday, August 9, 2009

Big Old Update Post

Lots of updates since the last blog post.

Last weekend Grandie and Grandpa came up for a quick visit...partially to see me read in Atlantic City at the Dogzplot/Achilles Press/Paper Hero Press Reading but mostly to spend some time with a certain grandson. We spent the first couple of days at parks and restaurants. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Then Sunday we headed down to Atlantic City for my reading. AC is about two hours from Bayonne, but unfortunately it ended up taking three and a half hours to get there. This was due in part to crappy googlemaps directions (which took us on a backroad all the way down the coast--beautiful but s-l-o-w) and in BIG part to the huge monsoon of a storm that we got caught in. The storm lasted several hours and as a result no one could drive faster than 20 mph, and we had to keep pulling off the road because visibility was so low. When we finally got to AC, we were over an hour late, and once we found the venue and saw that it was outside, we figured the whole thing had been cancelled. I later learned that those crazy writers moved to a covered pavillion on the beach and read during the middle of the thunder storm.

We decided to wait the storm out and made the most of it by visiting Bally's Casino and having a late lunch. Seamus enjoyed the condiments almost as much as the meal!

On the way out Grandie, Grandpa and I decided to play the slots for five minutes and five minutes only. But it only took me three minutes to put in a ten dollar bill and win $143. So, the trip to Atlantic City was fruitful even though I never got a chance to read or meet a whole bunch of writers I've been wanting to meet for ages now.
This past weekend brought Seamus's first visit to a movie theatre. We saw G Force, kind of slow for a kid's movie, but Seamus sat through an hour and 20 minutes of his own seat all by himself. Of course, T and I had to keep a hand on the seat the whole movie to keep it from flipping up with him.

After the show, I won a ball for Seamus from the claw machine in the movie theatre lobby. Winning at claw machines is one of my hidden tallents, although this one was pretty easy:

Before heading home, we took a walk along the hudson bay and stumbled upon a secret trail and a secret golf course. Actually, this was only secret to us. Everyone in Bayonne was already there.

We saw lots of birds, including this egret and this heron and tons of seagull and sandpipers.

We also saw lots of pretty flora...

and had fun throwing rocks in to the water...

athough Seamus hit his own head a couple of times:

Maybe Mammaw and Mark would enjoy this spot when they come to visit next week? We can't wait to see them! We'll be sure to post lots of pictures.

One last update: We've been potty training! And Seamus is getting quite comfortable with the whole idea.


Mary said...

We had a blast, although we really did want to hear you read, Lyd! Hope Mammaw and Mark have as much fun. That Seamus is a card!

Great pix!

Love you,

Rickety Rosie said...

Wow - what a weekend! Thomas home for good and your parents there, too.

Love, Richda

Kitty Michael loves her Gwyns said...

Too bad about the storm and the resulting non-read. :-( Yay about potty training!!! Syd is finally on track with it. we still use pull-ups at night and on trip days, but otherwise we wear our big girl britches!

Lydia said...

Yay for potty training! Although ours is going slow. I've ordered a book...maybe that will help.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Seamus pees on everything else in the house, so one more book to help soak things up will be great!


Kitty misses Shim-sham said...

Hahahaha! Sydney peed on the balcony last week on accident...well, our balcony is built like wooden porch. We did not realize that there are small spaces between the boards since there is outdoor carpet out there. We learned about the spaces when I heard dripping on the lady's porch below ours!! I peeked over the railing to see that Syd's pee had splashed her balcony! I was so embarassed. What if she'd have been outside?!?! lol

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