Sunday, July 26, 2009


Mr. S and I have had a lovely weekend so far, even though it's just been the two of us and we miss Mr. T terribly. I love having these three day weekends, feels like a mini-vacation every single week and I really need that time to relax from my work week.

This long weekend, Mr. S and I had pancakes at Margie's Chuckwagon on Broadway, a little hole in the wall restaurant that looks like something straight out of the 60s--probably hasn't changed one iota since then, and Margie herself still runs the place. In fact she made our pancakes and sliced the fruit in our fruit cup. It was delicious! I thought breakfast out would be a nice treat for the two of us, and it's fun being out and about so early in the morning when the air is cool and the only people on the streets are retirees and people on their way to work. Calm and pleasant.

Of course we also had our errands to run this weekend. Since our Shop Rite is under construction and will not reopen until December, we now walk 2 and half miles (round trip) to the A&P. We only do this once a week, and we load up on everything we need for the week. I try to make this something fun, by taking the leisurely route by the bay and looking at all the boats and birds.
This weekend, the shopping cart car was available, and Seamus drove us all over the store:

Later that day, we baked chocolate chip cookies and watched the Jungle Book (I thought I recognized Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney as a couple of the vultures--I googled it and it's true). The Jungle Book is Seamus's recent obsession. He now refers to himself as Mowglii, and will correct you if you call him Seamus. I've become Shere Khan instead of Mama.

We also played with the Octopus Brothers:

And splashed at the water park:

Seamus brought Kermit (thanks, Jesse) and his turtle along to share in the fun:

When the Ice Cream man came cruising by with his music twinkling, all the kids ran into the street with their parents and their dollars, and when the ice cream man kept right on driving, everyone was upset. (This was a new ice cream man...not our usual Mr. Shakes.) I took Seamus to Baskin Robbins as a consolation to the both of us.
On the way home I heard a familiar song coming from the stroller. A few weeks ago I let Seamus watch the opening credits of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, and I guess it stuck. Good thing I happened to have the camera on me:



Anonymous said...

OHHH, I LOVE THAT BOY!!! I can't wait to be home. Just six more days!!! I like that picture of him at the water park where he looks like a mad man.


Mary said...

Yellow submarine! And Paul and Ringo on Jungle Book?! Sounds like he's having his own Beatlemania weekend!

Give that sweet boy a big hug for us! We'll see you soon!

Mom/Grandie and

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