Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rhode Island Pics

So I went out and bought a card reader for my laptop. Surprisingly cheap too! So I will be able to post some pictures while I'm here. I'm going to show the pictures in order of what I see leaving Bayonne going to Providence. I didn't get to take picture of Penn Station the last time I came to visit because I was late and running to my train movie style. If you want to see Penn Station I'm sure you can Google it and see better pictures than I could take. Also, pictures of the light rail and PATH stations have been posted in the past on this very blog. So here goes...

The last thing I see before leaving Bayonne

The train (this picture was actually taken in Providence, but the Penn Station platform looks the same)

Inside the train. The guy at the end is the porter taking tickets. He takes your ticket rips it in half, and then leaves a colored piece of paper above your seat indicating which stop your going to.

The train leaves Manhattan, goes under Brooklyn, and comes back up to the surface in Queens. Here's a blurry shot of NYC as seen from Queens.

I couldn't take pictures of the beautiful scenery going up the Connecticut coast, but if you can picture the type of flora seen in the Great Smokey Mountains next to the ocean, then you get a picture. I actually saw a beaver the last time I came down during the day. And I always see large birds. Any who, after the three hour trip I exit onto the platform in Providence. Here's the Train station in Providence II'd say about a hundred of these could fit inside Penn Station).

After the train station I take a cab to my room at The Extended Stay America in East Providence.

The view from my window. Just beyond those trees is a four-lane highway.

My work desk:

What Lydia has to look forward to when I come back home:

And finally here are some pictures of a neighborhood near downtown Providence. Its A LOT like the tree streets. Most of Providence looks a lot like Knoxville and Johnson City combined.


Kitty misses the Gwyns said...

Hmmm. It does look alot like JC.

Lydia said...

K-It does indeed! That makes me happy.


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