Friday, July 3, 2009

Mr. T is home for the long 4th of July weekend! But it's felt like Christmas, since he walked in the door with a Santa-sized sack of Hasbro toys (he gets a pretty hefty discount at the Hasbro Store). This time he came bearing Yoda's light sabre, which is the perfect size for Seamus.

Another epic Yoda/Skywalker battle soon ensued:


Once Seamus finished going through all the new toys (favorites being Littlest PetShop and preschool-sized Star Wars action figures), UPS buzzed our apartment and three more packages arrived.

Seamus and I received the bubble umbrella and new rainboots I ordered from Target (I've gone through two pairs in less than a year up here). Seamus insisted on wearing his boots to the store later.

T's anniversary gift from me also arrived. I ordered him a beautiful, handmade wooden tool box from Gerstner:

Since the fifth year anniversary gift is wood or turquoise, T got me a hand-carved love spoon from Wales, a pearl and turquoise necklace (which ended up being A LOT bigger than it looked online) and a gold Owl locket.

Later at the store, Seamus surprised us by singing Little Bo Peep, and he's been reciting ever since:


Today, the pool and then more grocery shopping.

Happy 4th, everyone!

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Mary said...

What a sweet boy! We love these videos, especially the Bo Peep song. Hope you have a great anniversary/4th of July weekend! Love you!


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