Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I’m on my lunch break at work and I’m supposed to be working on a short story, but I can’t think about that kind of writing right now. Right now I just want to write about how sleepy I am, how I keep dozing off at my carrel in the stacks of the library and having funny little two second dreams about blonde ladies giving me directions through the FIT buildings. I think my lack of sleep, which has stretched into weeks of less than six hours a night, is finally catching up to me. Every night I promise myself to be in the bed by nine o’clock, and every night I find more and more things that need to be done and don’t end up falling asleep until after 11 o’clock. I have to be up every morning at five, and on my days off the latest Seamus will sleep in is 5:30.

Every weekend morning I think of that line in Lady and the Tramp, when Jim Dear says to Darling as he’s getting out of bed to take Lady for a very early morning walk: Can’t someone explain to Lady about Sundays.

Maybe when Mr. T comes home this weekend, he’ll let me sleep in Saturday morning?

I had a lovely weekend with Seamus and my parents. It felt like a little vacation because we ate lots of delicious meals and made a stop at the bakery, where a man with a beautiful Romanian accent talked me into a strawberry tart just by the way he said strawberry preserves.

Seamus really enjoyed spending time with his Grandie and Grandpa and has been talking about it all week. He’s become the little man of the house and has started referring to himself this way. He’s been helping me walk the dog, clean up his toys and once he even grabbed a plastic bag (the kind I reserve to pick up Georgia’s messes from the sidewalk) and offered to clean up the poop he made in the floor after his bath.

Sometimes I just can’t get the diaper on quick enough.

He has a whole slew of new sayings and funny little words these days. Sometime this week I’ll post a list. But for now, here’s a picture Grandie snapped before she left of me and my big helper.

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