Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seamus has hand, foot and mouth again. I didn’t think it was possible to get this virus twice, but apparently it is. His pediatrician was in shock when I took him by this afternoon. He said he’d seen children contracting hand, foot and mouth twice in the same season but not in the same month. This time he has the rash on his hands, feet and in his mouth (just as you’d imagine from the name of the virus). If the urgent care doctor I took him to this weekend hadn’t pointed it out, I never would have noticed the rash on the hands and feet. It’s very faint and not raised or itchy (yet). He’s had a very low-grade fever and the doc said he was fine to go back to school (which is probably where he keeps getting this awful thing—and everything else he’s contracted) as long as he was fever free. Thank goodness for that this morning because I have very little sick time left, and when I got to work three of my circ staffers were sick, out or having pet issues and needed to come in late. Thankfully it was a slow summer day and we could function with just a few people.

Last night was just like the last time he had this virus. He woke up a couple of times crying and telling me his mouth hurt, woke up this morning saying the same. I gave him yogurt and fruit for breakfast, most of which he ate, and sent him on to school. I’m just hoping the fever doesn’t return like it did last time he had this thing.

I promised a couple of posts ago to post a list of all the funny things Seamus has been saying lately. So here goes.

A List of Funny Things that Have Come Out of Seamus’s Mouth

First you should know that he can’t pronounce the letters F or V or the TH sound; these come out sounding like B or P, as in bish and bries for fish and fries.

•This bear lib in a cabe.
•I have a big tail on me (pretending with one of his lions and talking to himself).
•I have a wooly mammop.
•Mama be dolphin. I be a shark.
•Mama be Pocahantas. I be John Smith (only he says John Smip)
•Mama be Sacajawea. I be Teddy Belt (this is from Night at the Museum and Teddy Belt is Teddy Roosevelt)
•Mama be Lucifer. I be Jack. (The cat and mouse from Cinderella)
•I be Skippyjon Jones bouncing on my bed. Mama be mother. (from the book Skippyjon Jones)
•In his bath at night, he pretends one of his boats is a train and says, “This train going to Hoboken.”
•Last week we were walking Georgia and she was being particularly good. I made the comment that Georgia was a good girl and that we had the best girl ever, and Seamus said, “We have the best boy too.”
•Yesterday, we were walking Georgia and she was listening to me and behaving very well and I told Seamus Georgia was being so good that she would get a treat when we got back inside. Seamus said, “I get a treat too.”
•And just tonight he said the funniest thing. He was inspecting three of his Schleich animals (which are anatomically correct): a female lion, male lion and baby boy lion (which he calls Sarabi, Mufasa and Simba—can you tell we watch a lot of Disney movies). When he got to the female lion he said, “She doesn’t have one.” You can realize pretty quickly what he was talking about.

I’m sure there are a few more I’ll remember tomorrow, but at this time of the evening these are the only ones I could think of.


Anonymous said...

He also now know that Georgia is a stink horse.

Keep your chin up, Doll. We have less than a year left and then (hopefully) no more daycare centers or re-occurring illnesses or having to plan an hour ahead for a visit to the doctor or having to take a train an hour away to get to a hospital. Less than a year.


buddydon said...

heres hopin the lil feller is all better soon! i shore do add mire how well ye kin handle all of this, lydia.

Mary said...

Hope he gets over this one quickly and he never gets this illness again! I love the funny things he says... he says them so seriously, oftentimes, too. Don't forget to take care of yourself while you're taking care of everyone else. I know it's hard to find time but it's important, too.

Love you!

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