Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Which Grandie and Grandpa Come Up for a Surprise Visit

Grandie and Grandpa surprised us by coming up for a last minute visit to Bayonne. Thomas is staying in Rhode Island this weekend, and Continental just happened to have a cheap flight from Knoxville to Newark. Perfect timing, I say! We've been having lots of fun, going to Liberty Science Center again, reading books and Ranger Rick Magazines and playing with all sorts of plastic sea and river animals.

We saw all sorts of animals at the Science Center:

Most of the pictures we took look like this:

We also had fun playing in the i-Explore room, which is only for 1-5 year olds:

Get your hard hats!

The coolest animal of all was this monitor lizard, of which we took a video. If you listen closely you can hear Seamus say to the other children, "a monitor lizard, guys!"


We bought two big bags full of plastic sea and river animals (as if this house had room for any more plastic animals), and Seamus had a big time lining them all up on the window sill once we got home.

He hasn't put the salamander or turtle down since. We also found the Little Golden Guide to Mammals in their gift shop. We love this series of field guides for children, and we have the reptile and amphibian field guide from the 1950s already. The new guides still have the same great illustrations and layouts.

Grandie and Grandpa leave tomorrow morning, and Seamus and I go back to our crazy schedule. This weekend has been like a wonderful vacation for us all! We can't wait for them to come back at the end of next month, when I'll be reading in Atlantic City, and we'll be in need of a sitter.


Anonymous said...

I love how he's telling kids three times his age what a Monitor Lizard is. i MISS you guys so much, and can't wait for next weekend! I love you!!!


Lydia said...

We miss you too, Papa! And love you!

Mary said...

We had a wonderful visit but we really missed Thomas! You all have a great Father's Day celebration next weekend. Thanks for the gracious hospitality! Love you!

Mom/Grandie and Dad/Grandpa

Rickety Rosie said...

Your parents are my idols - they are so great!

Love, Richda

Lydia said...

They're mine too!

Richda, your a pretty terrific parent too.

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