Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh, Fridays!

It's been a long week for me, learning the ways of my new library job, meeting and greeting all 65 of my co-workers, getting to know my fabulous Circulation staff. The Circ people at this library are so wonderful. Some of them have been there twenty or thirty years. I'm not kidding. The best part about this week has been my time spent talking with them and helping my patrons. The patrons at this library are a new breed to me: Students. And a few professors and FIT staff. I'd waited on the director of FIT's famous fashion museum a couple of times this week without knowing who she was until much later. She's delightful, but I'm glad I didn't know who she was at the time or I would have been nervous and probably said lots of stupid things. Earlier this week she wanted American movies made in the 50s and 60s that featured menswear. She left with some Audrey Hepburn films and a Hitchcock or two. I also waited on a student who is interning with a company that makes period costumes for movies. She told me Thursday she's been working on the new Amelia Earhart movie with Hilary Swank. Most of my student patrons are fresh out of high school and are very sweet. Many of them, however, have little to no library experience, and we have tell them about call numbers and fines on late items. I've also been in meetings a lot this week. These aren't so bad, but I enjoy the Circulation work much more. By the end of the week, I was very tired and had been missing my days with Mr. S. So I was really looking forward to my Friday and Saturday off. (By the way, due to some bargaining agreement not going as planned, I probably won't have the three day weekends all summer that I thought I was going to have. We may get them in July, however.)

This is how Mr. S and I spent our Friday:

Seamus's say-cheese face:

We split a strawberry shortcake ice cream from the ice cream man:

Seamus ended up with a strawberry shortcake face:

Seamus spent most of his time at the park hunting for worms. Unfortunately, we didn't find any live ones. When he found this one, he kept saying, "he very dead."

Looking forward to many days like these this summer!

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