Thursday, May 21, 2009

New York City (and Mr. S develops a sense of fashion)

My new writing spot, a secret spot on the roof of an FIT building. No students allowed up here, and not many of the faculty and staff know about it.

It's a pretty nice writing spot, quiet and sunny with great views of 27th Street and Seventh Avenue. I love the building across the way. This is where FIT's HR and Payroll offices are located, but the top portion is nothing but apartments.

The view of NYC from Hoboken Terminal, taken on my way home from work this evening:

I've taken this picture a hundred times, and I'll probably take it a hundred times more.

As much as I complain about missing TN and nature, I have to say I love New York City. I can see why people who are raised there feel like it's the center of the world. I've been to many great cities, London, Paris, Dublin, Toronto...but none of them have the energy New York City has. Walking down the street at the end of the day, even after a tiring, crappy day, and seeing all the people and buildings makes me happy. I'll try to take more street photos when we go to the Central Park Zoo this weekend.

I have a four day weekend, and I'm looking forward to every moment of it. Mr. T will be heading off to Rhode Island to intern with Hasbro soon. This weekend marks the start of his last week here for two months. We're hoping he'll be able to take the train home on the weekends.

Of course I couldn't sign off without including some sort of Mr. S content. This one may take some explaining, and Gina and Larry will love it.

Sometime last summer a bunch of us library folks attended a Hawaiian themed party. T and I owned no Hawaiian themed clothing until Gina and Larry kindly gave us some. I received a beautiful Hawaiian dress handmade by Gina herself and Mr. T received one of Larry's Hawaiian shirts. This shirt has since been a favorite of Mr. T's and he wears it for all sorts of fun events. The other day he put it on for the last day of class, and when Seamus saw it, he stopped eating his breakfast in mid bite and said, "No, Papa! No, Papa! Take flower shirt off." He wouldn't rest until Mr. T put the shirt away. And Mr. T hasn't been able to wear this shirt since.

Here's a little video to illustrate (he's talking about star wars at first--another of his new obsessions):


alice said...

AHAHAHAH! that is so cute!! i like how he cheers at the end and it sounds like he says "big papa!" at the end. he's precious.

Lydia said...

Yes, he does say Big Papa at the end. Big is his favorite adjective right now.

Olivia Frances Miller said...


I guess he knew the shirt didn't look good!

I just love your Seamus videos.


Anonymous said...

lyd i enjoy your videos so much. seamus has grown so much and u and mr.t are sadly looking more and more like new yorkers,miss all of you. love sandy

Music is sex said...

That is a seriously cute moment! I love these Seamus videos! They always bring some family joy into my day!

Kitty said...

I love that little guy and that big guy and that mysterious camera lady.

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