Friday, May 1, 2009

First Day of Circ

This is one of the last sights I saw before leaving the apartment this morning for my first day of work.

Used to be that was me sitting there watching Sesame Street in the floor with Mr. S while Mr. T went off to FIT.

It took me an hour and twenty minutes to get into the city this morning (and I even caught the Bayonne Flyer), mostly because I drank six cups of coffee before leaving the apartment and had to stop at Hoboken Terminal to use the facilities and also I trusted my internal compass when I got off the PATH in Manhattan--never a good idea since my internal compass is always backwards. I got to Fifth Avenue before I realized I was headed in the wrong direction for FIT, which is at 27th Street and 7th Avenue. However, since I gave myself plenty of time I still got to work early, and so I took a few quick pictures of the neighborhood. I still haven't fully mastered how to take a picture in NYC without clogging up all the sidewalk traffic and looking like a tourist.

Behind the man walking across the street you can see the Chelsea Hotel:

Martha Stewart films her talkshow right next door to FIT:

FIT itself (a confusing series of interconnected buildings that takes up nearly an entire block):

My first day was like most first days on a new job. I was handed a great stack of materials with which to familiarize myself. These included a detailed phone manual (my phone is fancy and is somehow hooked up to my computer), staff schedules, email lists, etc. Once I made through the director's office and into Circ, I was greeted with donuts and coffee. The Circ staff seem really happy to have another Access Services Manager on board. Circ people are the greatest, and I think I'm really going to enjoy working with this Circ staff in particular. Everyone is exceptionally friendly, interesting and intelligent. I spent the bulk of my day with the Evening Access Services Manager, who has been running the show by himself for quite some time now. We had a lovely but tiring day. Probably only tiring for me because I'm used to lazing around the house with Seamus, the biggest feat of the day being walking down the street to the playground. The director took both of us Access Services Managers out to lunch at a fabulous Greek restaurant just down the street from FIT. I had a yummy vegetable moussaka. After lunch I tried to spend the rest of the day on the Circ desk familiarizing myself with ALEPH, the library's automation system. No one seems too happy with it, and I can see why since it's very non-descript and not very user friendly. I stayed so busy today that I hardly set foot in my office, and this was fine by me. My office makes me nervous. It's my first ever office--not the cozy cubical I'm used to but an actual office with a bookcase and a desk and an actual window. I have keys to my office on a little FIT flashlight keychain. This seems more grown up than I feel. When I left today at four I was pretty tired. I'll definitely need more sleep if I'm going to keep getting up at five a.m. to get off to this job. Seamus was excited when I picked him up at day care and didn't seem to notice that I was much later than usual. I'm so thankful that he loves his school.

Mr. T met us at the day care and can you guess where the Gwyns went to celebrate my first day of work? Paulanto's Bakery for Cannolis, carrot cake and cream puffs.

I have tomorrow off and return to work on Sunday, when I'll get to meet another new Circ staff member and maybe spend some time reading over the mountain of paperwork in my office.

The morning commute playlist: Apeman--the Kinks, Powerman--the Kinks, Dream #9--John Lennon, She Bop--Cyndi Lauper, Sundown, Sundown--Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, I Heard It Through the Grapevine--Gladys Knight and the Pips. On the way home: all of Lee Hazlewood's Cowboy in Sweden.


Rickety Rosie said...

So glad to hear about your first day at work! If I had six cups of coffee before leaving, I would have sprinted to work instead of taking the train. Keep reporting -I can't wait to hear more.

Richda Rose

Lydia said...

I needed that much coffee just to wake up that morning. Seamus hardly slept a wink the night before. Go figure!

Mary said...

Glad you're first day went "well," despite those 6 cups of coffee! You'll get your sea legs in no time!

Love you!

buddydon said...

tiz wonderfull news that ye gut ye that job. tiz grate to wurk in a new part of the city on a counta it gives ye a hole new nayborhood to git to know -- them restrunts, folks, bookstores, ye name it. i am verr impressd by all ye dun accomplishd!

sandy said...

Mr.T and Mr.s look very comfortable.have a great week.all our love aunt sandy &donny

Rebecca said...

whoot for your new office! i'm sure they'll fall in love with you in no time flat.

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