Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This and That

As I type this Seamus is in his room, supposed to be sleeping, and trying everything he can to get me to come in there…including yelling out: I pooped! Mommy change diaper! AND Aaachoooo! (totally fake sneeze) I sneezed! Mommy, clean it! Mommy clean big booger! If I hadn’t fallen for these two lines in the past, I might actually believe them.

I’m sick today, ended up catching whatever dreadful thing Mr. T and Mr. S had. And since Mr. S had a fever only yesterday, I didn’t send him to day care for his half day toady as I usually do. It was rough chasing a toddler all over the house when I felt like doing little more than crawling under the covers and complaining. But, I began to feel guilty that Seamus was getting bored being couped up all day, so I took him to the pet store to see the iguana and the fish. I told him we were going to the park afterwards and then had to renege because my body started aching and I could feel a fever coming on. Seamus was a good sport about missing the park today, which means I’ll dig up extra earthworms for him tomorrow when we go.

Still no word on the job I interviewed for. This worries me. I’ve been trying not to think about it and just focus on my writing and Mr. S and all the new things he’s learning. Just the other day he started saying I love you. He said it first to Mr. T and then me. Now he says it to his dinos, his Thomas trains, my shampoo bottles. He’s also learned thank you and says it all the time, which makes me so proud. Today he thanked me for his soup at lunch and then said, I love my soup.


buddydon said...

i luv readin yer blog. me n miz bd almost always git a kick out of it.

ifn the job is the gummint one, i woodnt wurry bout thar bein no news on a counta thats the pace of gummint.

Lydia said...

Thanks, Buddydon!

The job is an academic one...so they're probably just as slow.

Derrick, Kimberly and Aiden Morris said...

I think it is so precious to hear a little one say "thank you" and "I love you". I've got my fingers crossed you'll hear about your job soon.

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