Saturday, April 11, 2009

Special Easter Deliveries

Last week Easter packages arrived in the mail for Seamus from Grandie and Grandpa and Mammaw and Papaw Mark. I'd wanted to blog about this much earlier but my sickness got the best of me, and I took to my bed for a few days. Feeling a lot better now, though still not 100%.

Thanks Grandie and Grandpa for the chocolate bunnies, the dino toys, crayons and such. Seamus loved it all.


Thanks Mammaw and Mark for the Peeps, dino eggs, chocolate and Spongebob movie! He was so excited about this package and had a big time opening it, especially once he saw those dino eggs. I'll let Seamus say the rest.


Happy Easter everyone! Looking forward to dying eggs tonight and playing Easter Bunny after Seamus goes to bed.

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Mary said...

Glad he liked the chocolate bunny. He's talking so clearly now; I could easily hear him say "Papa's chocolate!" What a sweetie pie.

Hope you all have a great, "Hoppy" Easter!

Love you!
Mom/Grandie and Dad/Grandpa

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