Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggstravaganza!

Right now our home is full of Cadbury eggs, all shapes and sizes of chocolate bunnies and ducks and Peeps of every color. But the best Easter treats have been the little bunny cakes from our local bakery...chocolate cake with butter cream and coconut frosting. Yum! They taste like gourmet Sno-Balls.

Last night we colored Easter eggs, which was a big ol' mess. Every Gwyn has green and blue fingernails today.

And this morning Seamus found that the Easter bunny had paid him a visit and left candy and Play-do, bubbles, and new additions to his Schleich animal family.

We took a little video mostly for the grandparents' (and our) enjoyment:


After nap today, we wandered down to the park where we had an Easter egg hunt!

Happy Easter, everyone!


kitty said...

"nudder tyicken"
My favorite phrase so far today.

Music is sex said...

Awww... Seamus is such an incredibly cute little whippersnap. Looks like you guys had an awesome Easter.

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