Monday, April 27, 2009

The American Museum of Natural History

We had the loveliest of Spring weekends up here in the North, temperatures approaching 90, blue skies, light breezes. It was so nice, Seamus and I spent three hours at the big park on Saturday, and on Sunday Mr. T and I took Seamus to the American Museum of Natural History. We had meant to do this on his birthday, but he was too sick. We took over a hundred photos and would have taken more, but our camera batteries died half-way through the museum. So we missed photographing the Reptile and Amphibian Room, the Hall of North American Mammals, the Hall of Asian Peoples, the Mammals of Asia and our central park outing afterwards. It took us most of the day to go through all four floors of the museum. We left the house right around Seamus's nap time, but he was so excited he couldn't sleep. He ended up running around the museum for hours with a constant stream of whoa-s coming out of his mouth (you'll see this in a couple of the pictures we took).

The subway stop for the museum is really cool, with mosaic turtles and dinosaurs, insects and frogs.

And the museum itself is a marvel, with a big bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt (my favorite president) on the front steps.

When you walk inside the first thing you see is an enormous Barosaurus protecting her young from a pretty vicious looking Allosaurs. The Barosaurus was so big, I couldn't capture the whole diorama in the photo. Seamus was very interested in this scene and kept saying, Allosaurus is very mean. No, Allosaurus!

In the Hall of African Mammals, Seamus was scared of the gorillas and wouldn't even look at them, but loved the elephants and the lions. We had to pay them a second visit on the way out.

We spent the majority of our time, however, looking at the prehistoric ocean life and dinosaur bones. These were just some of the guys we saw there:

Seamus was very excited to see his favorite dino--the Ankylosaurus. They even had bits of his armor and his boney club on display, as well as a skull.

At this display we learned about all the different ancestors of Ankylosaurus and were happy to find one named Shamosaurus (pretty close our little Seamusaurus's nickname).

We also saw boneheads and Seamus got to touch the actual skull of one.

He also got to touch a real dinosaur egg!

He had fun walking over the spine of an Apatosaurus.

The triceratops was unbelievable...

as well as the Stegasaurus...

and the T-Rex.

Protoceratops and eggs:

Dimetrodon (much smaller than we imagined):

Prehistoric armadillo-creature:

Prehistoric Bear:

Prehistoric Megaloceras?:


After the museum we headed to the turtle pond in Central Park. Seamus chanted turtle pond, turtle pond, turtle pond all the way there and then fell asleep right as we arrived. Everyone in NYC was at the park that day, sun bathing, taking photos, having pick-nicks. It was neat to be in the middle of the city and not be able to see the skyline, only trees, rocks and grass.

We had such a great time and left the museum saying we'd come back a few more times before we leave this place.


Mary said...

Looks like you all had a great time! We'll definitely have to go next time we come up, too.

Love you!

Rickety Rosie said...

Lydia, that was great - I felt as though I was having a quick tour.

Love, Richda Rose

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