Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend and More

My interview on Friday went very well. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to jinx it, but I will tell you that I interviewed with a search committee of three people and that I have never interviewed for a position of this caliber before. The Access Services Manager manages Circulation and Inter-Library Loans. Also, the pay and benefits are incredible...the benefits more so than the pay. I should know in about two weeks whether I was chosen for the position. The search committee has more interviews this week and maybe some next week as well. Fingers crossed!

Once the interview was over, I could relax. And I had a lovely weekend with Mr. T and Mr. S. The weather was fair, so we spent lots of time in the park. Mr. T had class on Saturday, so Seamus and I played and went birdwatching by ourselves. This time the seagulls came right up to us; we think they remember us.

And this time, new birds in the bay. Brants:

There were also a couple of mallards and this guy:

I think this is an American Wigeon.

When we came home that afternoon, there was a special delivery from Grandie and Grandpa: Dinosaur flashcards, a new reptile and amphibian field guide, an insect field guide, a Skippyjon Jones book, a Pinocchio dvd, girlscout cookies and some adorable dinosaur socks (along with lots of chocolate for me and Mr. T).

Mr. S had a blast getting into everything, and we've read Skippyjon Jones a dozen times already. Thanks Grandie and Grandpa!

Sunday, Mr. T came to the park with us and we did more of the same birdwatching and swinging and sliding in the playground.

Seamus is probably the only child on the playground more interested in rocks and sticks than climbing and chasing.

He loves to crawl under the slide and take off his shoes. There are also dinosaur bones under there.

This last photo I just have to throw in. Mr. T is so happy that Seamus just naturally loves He-Man (with little encouragement from Mr. T). Here Orko and He-Man are discussing breakfast.

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