Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Special Delivery

Our dear friends, the Michael family, sent one of their famous care packages our way. Weren't we lucky to receive lots of Easter and St. Patty's day goodies in the mail, along with funny movies and flowering seeds and Pocky!

Mr. S loved the lizard, which he sometimes calls a salamander and sometimes Phinny Newt (and sometimes he tries to pull its tail off like the regeneration illustrations in his reptile and amphibian guide). He also loved the roaring dinosaur, which he identified as a Maiasaura.

And the duck bill whistle--he loves that too.

Thanks sweet Michaels for the lovely yarn!

And the old book of poetry!

And the green Sno-Balls...you said Mr. T and I could share these, but unfortunately for T he swore off all junk food the night before your package arrived. All the more for me! You didn't know this, but Sno-Balls are my absolute favorite treat of all time.

We also loved Syd's "valentime" and the adorable pictures. She's a hearbreaker already.

Thanks Bob, Kitty and Sydney! We love you!


Derrick, Kimberly and Aiden Morris said...

What a nice suprise!

Kitty said...

Glad you got it so fast!! Sydney has told me several times that she sent Seamus a "Christmas present pack". I assume she is referring to the package. lol I am glad you guys liked everything. We'll send new pics someday soon, I hope.

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