Friday, March 27, 2009

Seamus Updates

Remember back when I blogged about how much Mr. S loved his veggies, that he would rather eat peas than a PB & J? Well…this isn’t so much the case anymore. Seamus will no longer eat vegetables or PB & J. He’s been on a vegetable strike for a few weeks now. The sweet potatoes and green beans that he used to devour are a thing of the past, as are edamame, broccoli, carrots and squash. In fact, the only vegetables he’ll actually eat now are peas and lima beans and tomatoes (but only as sauce or salsa). Also, he gave up most bread and all peanut butter, which means PB & J is also no longer an option. What’s a mama to do?

Mr. T suggested I start pureeing vegetables , just like we used to do when Seamus was new to table foods, and sneaking them into his meals. I’m happy to say this has been working quite well. I’ve been a pureeing fool, blending carrots and bell peppers, broccoli and asparagus into his pasta sauces and rice and beans and he hasn’t even noticed. I’m proud to say I’ve also conquered the bread and PB & J dilemma, by purchasing some dinosaur cookie cutters and making stegosaurus and t-rex shaped sandwiches. He has so much fun eating these, I doubt he’s even paid attention to what they taste like. I’ve also started making his bread from scratch. I end up with moist, chewy loaves of bread and can add applesauce, wheat germ and/or honey to them if I like. When I serve this to Seamus I don’t call it bread. Instead I call it something like a honey wheat treat and he falls for it every time, every time gobbling it up.

However, today I made peanut butter blondies with pureed carrots and sweet potatoes. They taste like the yummiest peanut butter cookies; you’d never even know there were vegetables in them. Mr. S couldn’t bring himself to put one crumb of these snacks past his lips. Sometimes, I think he senses that I want it too much, want him to eat his snacks, his veggies, etc. and he rebels. I knew he’d be on to me in no time.

Anyone have any other tips for sneaking in vegetables and getting kids to eat foods they don’t want to? Most of those sneaky recipe cookbooks get really bad amazon reviews; so I don’t want to waste my money on them.

The Funny Things Mr. S Says…

Seamus is talking up a storm nowadays. You can actually have a pretty lengthy conversation with him. Mostly he likes to talk about things splashing in water, or swimming in water or falling down in water. He threw a rock in the bay today and narrated the whole thing and then reenacted it all the way home. Also, today he saw an earth worm for the first time, and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since. This was perfect timing because we were just reading about earthworms. All day he’s been pointing at the ground and saying big worm hiding in the rocks, or big worm hiding in the mud. And then he asked me to sing him a song about big worms when I tucked him in for his nap today.

He also often tells me he’s hiding in the moon like the Cheshire Cat (we just watched Alice in Wonderland).

When I pick him up from day care in the afternoons, he’ll tell me all the way home what happened that day. Here’s a typical conversation from Seamus verbatim:

Alex throw big alligator down on the ground.
Seamus pick up!
No, Alex! No!
Isha (that’s his teacher) pick up alligator.

I get a good idea of what happened in that instance.

Or he’ll say something like:

Morgan hitting. Morgan go in time out!

It’s nice to know what goes on at day care. I wish he could tell me more.

One more funny Seamus story and then I’m signing off…

The other night, I had put Seamus to bed and about half an hour later he’d stopped talking to himself, stopped calling for water and mama (he’ll do this over and over and never go to sleep if you cater to him) and I thought he’d finally gone to sleep. Then I heard a rustling sound. When I went to check on him I found him sitting up in bed and reading a book (a story about some worms no less—Squirmy and Wormy). He jumped when I walked in as though I’d caught him up to mischief and hopped back under the blankets. It was so hard to put the book away and ask him to go to sleep.

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Mary said...

Have you tried raw veggies? He might prefer broccoli or carrots raw, rather than cooked--a lot of folks do.

Can't wait to see you guys! We just made our plane reservations! See you on 4/17!

Grandie and Grandpa

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