Monday, February 23, 2009

Mr. S's Big Weekend

Oh, What a weekend Mr. S has had! Let me begin at the beginning with our Saturday visit to Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet in Hoboken. Our ErgoBaby carrier finally arrived, and we used it instead of the stroller on our visit. It's pretty comfortable all around, and I can place Seamus on my front (we call this being Kangaroos), my back (we call this being black bears) or my hip (which we haven't tried yet and don't have a name for). It was nice having my hands free on the train and not having to load the stroller into the elevator to get up and down from the platform.

Once in Hoboken, we walked from Hoboken Terminal along the Hudson, which is about a mile, to Mike and Janet's apartment. Seamus had never been to their apartment, but I had been preparing him all day for their incredible aquarium, which is enormous and full of bright yellow and pinkish fish and crawdads. Seamus LOVED watching the fish (especially a certain one named Rosie). He also loved exploring Mike and Janet's apartment.

Mike and Janet gave him a bag of plastic bugs and a plastic Bracheosaurus, which he loves and would sleep with if we'd let him. The bugs have come in very handy. I've been putting them in my tote bag and pulling them out whenever Seamus needs some entertainment. We had a lovely visit with Mike and Janet, went out to eat and got all caught up, had some delicious cheesecake and headed back home. All the way home Seamus kept saying, bye Mike and Janet, bye yellow fishes, bye Rosie. And the next day when T and I took him to NYC, he kept asking if we were going to Mike and Janet's again.

On the way to NYC on Sunday, we stopped at Hoboken Terminal to feed the seagulls. They all fled when they saw us coming, but the second I removed the bag of Chex cereal from my tote, they swarmed us. We ended up feeding some pigeons, petrels and sparrows as well. Seamus had a couple of pigeons right at his feet, practically eating out of his hand. As he fed them he kept saying, dinner's ready.

We made sure the birds were adequately fed before heading into the city. It was raining this day and we weren't too sure about wearing the ErgoBaby all day long; so we left the house with the stroller and the rain cover. Seamus fell asleep as soon as we got city, but woke up in time for lunch.

We ate at a little dinner we happened upon called Harrie's. Seamus ate lots of french fries, put a straw in his sipper cup and made his first fish face.

After lunch, we wandered around the city and kept stumbling on historic landmarks. That's the nice thing about NYC; every building and every street has a story, or has been featured in a movie. We actualy ventured up to Columbus Circle so that T could see a Ghost Buster's landmark.

Somehow every time we visit the city we always end up in midtown, and this trip was no exception. I guess because of the rain, Times Square wasn't nearly as crowded as in visits past, and so we decided to brave Toys R' Us for another shot at T-Rex.

This time Seamus was not afraid. He even posed in front of T-Rex and, at one point, touched his foot. He's been talking about it ever since.

While at TRU we ran into Spiderman and Geoffrey the Giraffe, and before we left T stood in line behind Kelly Ripa in the videogame section. She was shopping with her kids, buying a wii fit and some games. According to Thomas, she's even more stunning in person.

We got into the city around lunchtime, but didn't end up getting home until nearly 8 o'clock. You might think our big weekend ended there, and that would have been enough, but the fun wasn't over yet. Around 9 o'clock last night Seamus decided to climb out of his crib and ended up on the floor with a busted lip and giant knot on the top of his head. I have been dreading this moment for some time now. I knew he was approaching the magic height of 36 inches, when it's time for a big boy bed, but I had no idea we would need one so soon. He's only 33 inches tall, but he's a climber and he's very strong.

We had a long night last night. First let me say Seamus is fine and dandy. No concussion. But we did keep him up for awhile to monitor him. He thought this was the most exciting thing ever and kept running around the house, playing with his new plastic bugs. When we tried to put him back to bed, this time with his mattress on the floor, he wanted none of it and kept getting up to play. He finally went sleep just after midnight and was wide awake this morning at 6:30.

I ordered his toddler bed today, along with a dinosaur comforter set. We'll see how much sleep we all get tonight.


Amanda said...

How do you like your ErgoBaby carrier? I'm thinking of getting one for Amelia.
I hope you have a good night of sleep, and look forward to hearing what Seamus thinks of his new dinosaur bed!

Lydia said...

I LOVE the Ergo. It was worth every penny. The site I ordered from had free shipping, and it arrived in two days.

Kitty said...

Oh, the only thing about big kid beds is the lack of caging. lol Syd thinks it is such a big girl thing to do if she wants a toy at night to get up and get it then yell to tell us she is back in bed. She is in the toddler portion of her crib and she is not loving it anymore. The crib mattress is plastic and too hot, I think. Bob and I are planning to move to the twin bed when we move. It will save a step AND give us another adult size bed in case we need it. Good luck to Mr. Man and his big ol bed. Don't fret the busted lip but it does make me "aww" for him. Lovins.

Lydia said...

Thanks Kitty! He did very well last night. Stayed on his mattress on the floor all night. He plays too, before falling asleep. I can't believe Syd is old enough for a twin already. What a little lady!

Amanda said...

What site did you use? Also, congrats to Mr. S for staying on his mattress all night!

Lydia said...
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Lydia said...

Amanda--We ordered from Cobalt Carriers:

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