Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday in the Park

It’s only 8:30 and everyone’s sleeping except me. Mr. T is completely spent from Toy Fair, which he said was a bit of a disappointment (apparently if you’re just a student and not a buyer, toy people have no use for you). And Mr. S has finally settled down after meowing like a cat and roaring like a dinosaur in his bed for the past 45 minutes. We let him watch the Slimer scene from Ghost Busters today which he loved, and then we let the movie play as we ran around the house and made dinner. Seamus ended up watching the part where the dog/gargoyle statue comes to life, and I saw the most frightened look come over his face, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the TV. Then he asked Papa to hold him. We turned the movie off, and he’s been talking about the big monster chasing the man and eating him up (which isn’t exactly what happens). Anyway, now I’m worried he’ll have nightmares.

Still no news on the job front. I had an interview with a temp agency on Thursday. This one staffs law offices, finance companies, real estate offices, etc. I took all the requisite typing and Microsoft Office tests, along with math, spelling and vocabulary tests. And now, I guess I just wait. I hate waiting; it makes me nervous. The man I interviewed with told me they could call at any time with an ASAP assignment. They could call 15 minutes after I walk out the door, he told me. They didn’t. And they didn’t call Friday either. If I haven’t heard from them in a week, I’m supposed to call them. Has anyone else ever worked with a temp agency? I’m hopeful. I applied at Gap, JC Penney and a few other mall and box stores, but have heard nothing.

Mr. S and I went to the park today. It was 40 degrees, but sunny and clear, and the geese were on the ball field and in the bay.

The seagulls were out too:

We also say these guys:

I’m guessing these are Bufflehead Ducks? They wouldn’t let us get too close to them, and this picture was the best the zoom on my camera could do.

Mr. S had fun swinging and sliding and running. He wouldn’t let me push him in the swing, except for one big push and then he wanted me to swing next to him. So we swung together like best friends. And then he slid on the big slide all by himself, twice, which was a first.

We had fun, but couldn't stay long since it was kind of chilly, and Seamus is getting over a lingering cough. His doctor isn't sure why this cough won't go away, and she's not calling it bronchitis or asthma, but she's put him on a nebulizer four times a day. There are other children in his day care class on nebulizers too, and his doctor thinks they're passing some sort of virus around, and Seamus just keeps getting it over and over. We use the nebulizer for a week, and if the cough is still there, we're trying antibiotics. Other than the cough and a slight runny nose, Seamus is his happy, normal self.

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