Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Mr. S Movie

Seamus talks about the iguana at our local pet store. This is what we do for cheap entertainment in Bayonne. Pet stores and bakeries. We went to visit the iguana the other day, and someone had purchased him.


Mamaw said...

I can't believe he talks so good.The last time I seen him he wasn't talking much. The little man is growing so fast. Thank you for the Valentine picture. It's on my frig.Hope to see all real soon. Love, Mary ( mamaw)

Lydia said...

He's talking more and more each day. Today as we were walking down the street, I asked him if he was people watching and he told me "seamus looking at the peoples." We miss you too! Hope you can come up for Seamus's b-day, if not we hope to be in TN in May.

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