Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I’ve finally finished my handknit sea creatures. What should have taken me a week or so, took more like three or four months. This is what happens when you knit during nap times.


Coiled and Straight Nautiloids:

Nautiloids in action:

Although it may look like I took a garden hose to the boy, his shirt is really just soaked with drool. He’s cutting two molars which makes for a total of 10 teeth now!

Sea Creature patterns can be found here and here. Even though here is $6.00 per pattern (while the nautiloid is free), it’s totally worth it. The squid was such fun to knit...lots of short rows and fancy shaping. Plus you get to use pipe cleaners in the arms and tentacles which makes for a perfectly posable squid. Thanks to Kitty for the pipe cleaners and size four double points!
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