Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Deliveries and a Winter Storm Warning

As I write this it's pouring rain outside, and Bayonne is under a flash flood warning. I don't think we're in for the big winter storm other places in our area will surely receive, but it is very cold and wet here. So cold and wet, we had to upgrade Seamus's snowsuit to the thicker, bigger, wool snowsuit we've been storing in the closet for such an occasion. He hates this thing. He can barely move in it, and once he falls down, there's no getting up on his own.

It's also finally cold enough for the sweaters Grandie made him.

This one just arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. It features a walrus with a three-dimensional mustache, igloo and lots of snow.

And we call this sweater Men at Work:

We also received a lovely package from dear friend Crystal, whom we miss terribly. She sent us lots of homemade goodies, including peanut brittle and coconut macaroons, as well as some comforts of home...cornbread mix and the Knoxville News Senntinel (this was just package cushioning, but we got a little fluttery feeling when we saw it).

Thanks Crystal!

Before I sign off--one last funny picture:

Seamus and his beloved hippo.


Anonymous said...

Lydia, Thomas, Seamus! We miss you! Seeing Seamus in his snowsuite brought backseewt memeories. That used to be Alastair's & Oliver's. They too had trouble getting up in it. Perfect for keeping them outside chasing snowflakes & snowball!
Your writing is outstanding! No doubt you will become one of our country's finest.
Are you working at the New School? Someone called me and I gave you a great review.
Love to all, Ann & Company

Lydia Gwyn said...

Hi Ann! We're getting so much use out the two snowsuits you gave us. They're amazingly warm. We'll be home for Christmas next week. Will you be in TN?

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