Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Days!

Friday and Saturday we got our first taste of snow and city living. I was at work when the snow storm began and although I wore rubber shoes, they weren't galoshes and my feet got soaked on the short walk from my office to the train station and then soaked again on the long walk from the light rail station to our apartment in Bayonne. I was in so much pain and thought I might actually have frost bite by the time I reached my door. You really need lots of gear for the winters up here: base layers, long, thick coats, galoshes, cotton or wool tights, hats, gloves, etc.

When I got home, our little town was a wonderland.

Since we're all getting over bronchitis and sinus infections, and it was 20 degrees yesterday, we were forced to stay in doors this weekend. But we made our own kind of fun. Now that T has a two week break from school we can wreck the house as a family again.

A budding sculptor?

Or Paleontologist?


alice said...

I'm glad you and T get to see each other for a little while. I wish we could get some snow down here; it's supposed to be 54 degrees on Christmas, but right now, it's 12. I hope you all have a safe trip down here and a Merry Christmas.

Kitty and Sydney said...

Syd was happy to see the pictures, but she asked where was Lydee-yuh?
And she also says you should have cartoons on there. Apparently Shay-moose would like them (said in her sing-song voice).

Lydia Gwyn said...

I miss Syd (and you of course)! Give her Christmas smooch for me.

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