Sunday, December 28, 2008

Liberty Science Center

Today is my parents' last day in Bayonne; tomorrow they will drive 12 hours back to Tennessee. No one felt like venturing into the city we rode the Light Rail to Liberty State Park, just a few stops up from Bayonne, and visited the spectacular Liberty Science Center.

Seamus had lots of fun filling containers with rice, painting with water, and looking at all the animals. But when Miffy the Rabbit came by, he wanted no part of it.

Here's who all we met:

We also saw spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan.

Here's the part of town I work in:

We decided to leave once Seamus got sleepy and after he'd removed his right shoe for the hundreth time.

Now we're back home, lounging by the Christmas tree with bellies full of chocolate and wondering what to eat for dinner.


Kitty said...

Miffy, you beastie, leave him alone! Honestly, anything with a head that size freaks me out too. I love that he removes his shoe to let you know he's done. Syd does something like that. She gets home after shopping, strips down to almost nekkid, and says "I don't want to shop at any more Walmarts today." It doesn't matter where we went, she declares no more Walmarts.

Lydia Gwyn said...

Syd is too funny! She's going to have her mama's sense of humor.

Kitty said...

...but apparently she is missing my unrelenting addiction to "falling prices", mass produced mechandise, and rude cashiers. (PS-Right now, the streaker is in nothing but a Dora pullup and butterfly wings)

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