Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The T-Rex in Times Square

Given Seamus's recent obsession with dinosaurs, T and I decided to take him to Toys R' Us in Times Square yesterday to see the giant T-Rex. Also, he received some Christmas money, and what better place to spend it than in one of the best toy stores in the world. What didn't even cross our minds was the fact that New Year's Eve was coming up and Times Square would be FULL of tourists. It's always full of tourists, but yesterday was a billion times worse. I actually yelled at a lady who nearly plowed into our family with her Mercedes at a cross-walk. Every time we visit mid-town, I always regret it. T and I both hate crowds of people, and I'm used to the calm, quiet part of town I work in. I forget sometimes that a good portion of New York is nothing but tourists. Thomas has this theory that it's not native New Yorkers who give the city its rude rep, but the tourists...and when people visit they can't tell the difference.

If Times Square is the Eighth Circle of Dante's Inferno, then Toys R' Us is the Ninth Circle. It was so crowded with people inside, we couldn't use the elevator for our stroller and had to lug it up and down the escalator. There was simply no breathing space.

We showed Seamus the T-Rex, bought a couple of toys and quickly got out of there and headed to a much quieter, less-populated downtown. Seamus was terrified of the T-Rex. He kept saying no, no and then he'd turn his head and pretend it wasn't there. But all the way home and all this morning the only thing he's been able to talk about is the giant Papa T-Rex that roars and has eyes and teeth. He loves looking at the pictures we took of it.

Toys R' Us also has a Ferris wheel inside and an Empire State Building made entirely out of Legos. It's really very cool, but I recommend staying away around the holidays.


Kitty said...

Syd has the same obsession!!! We have to take the plastic/rubber/whatever ones out of her bed sometimes because she sneaks up and grabs one in the night. Has Seamus seen the remote control dinosaur for little kids? Target had one on display ($130!) and she had a fit over it. We had to stand and let her push buttons for 20 minutes. She talked about it constantly and is even a little upset that Santa "forgot" to bring it. Those babies are totally meant for each other. Miss you.

Lydia said...

We saw the robot dino at Toys R' Us (it was $150 there). Seamus actually gasped when he saw it.

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