Friday, November 7, 2008

Yesterday morning I catalogued a file of old course reserves, entitled Skin of Your Face: the Anatomy of Horror Film. The articles all had titles like When Bodies Splatter or The Monstrous-Feminine (this one was about movies like the Exorcist--which terrifies me). I’m not a huge fan of horror films, but I do like to be scared every once in awhile. I wanted to take these readings with me and read them on the train. When my new boss came across the folder, she had the same desire.

My new boss is really nice and fun to talk to. She’s a beautiful red-head with long eyelashes and blue eyes. She has just moved to New York from Ohio (although she’s originally from Indiana). We’re about the same age, and we share a lot of the same political beliefs. She used to be a union representative and a registered socialist. She just graduated from library science school, and prior to becoming a librarian she worked as a welder and a middle school teacher. She knows A LOT about music, and despite being a self-proclaimed Dead Head, actually has pretty good taste in bands. I enjoy coming to work a lot more now that I see another human on a regular basis.

There’s a nasty rumor going around that most of the schools in New York (and most businesses in general) are under a hiring freeze. Parents are pulling their kids out of college because they can no longer afford it in this economy. My new boss tells me she’d applied for over 100 jobs, and the New School was the only one to call her back. This scares me to no end since I’ll be without a job come January. I feel like I’m doing good work and getting a lot done with e-reserves, but if there are to be no new hires then surely my temporary contract will not be made permanent. Lately I’ve been working late hours because Seamus got sick on election day and I had to leave early to pick him up from day care. Since I have no sick leave and can’t afford to take half a day without pay, I’ve been working from 8:30 until about 6:30 or 7:00 most of this week. This puts me getting home right after Seamus’s bedtime. It’s dark when I leave on these late days, which is beautiful and scary.

The nighttime view from my workplace window:

Nighttime view of the NYC skyline from Hoboken Terminal:

This morning I caught an earlier train and had some time to snap a morning view from Hoboken Terminal. This is what I see every weekday morning when I get off the Light Rail:

You can’t see it so well here, but nearly every morning there is a thick fog over the city, just hovering over the tops of the buildings. Usually by the time I get to work it’s dissipated.

I keep meaning to post about day care and Seamus’s pure enjoyment of it. He no longer cries when I drop him off. This is because he’s made lots of new friends, and they have catching up to do each morning. He’s been Mr. Popularity ever since he arrived to school Halloween day dressed as a dinosaur. All the boys thought he was so cool, and now there’s a certain respect from his class when he walks in the room. I’m not joking. It’s palpable. The last few weeks have also been a language explosion for Mr. S, who will try to say anything. He says thank you and you’re welcome a lot now, as well as I love you and probably a couple hundred other every day words like wall, door, stroller, chair. Earlier today he said trampouline and screwdriver. He knows ALL of his colors and can say them as well. This is definitely day care’s doing. And he’s started singing a lot and having long gibberish conversations with himself. Last week I called the director of his day care to discuss hours and such, and he went on and on about how well-adjusted Mr. S is. He said socially Seamus behaves like a 3 ½ year old, that he’s very affectionate to his teachers and the other children and always smiling. He went on for quite some time about how special my little man is and how he’s the teachers’ favorite. Now I understand why he’s always being held or in a teacher’s lap when I pick him up in the evenings. My worry over day care possibly being detrimental has completely subsided. I really think Seamus is getting a lot of “school” and it’s making him a more giving child. I just wish I could spend way more time with him than I do.

This morning’s commute play list: David Byrne --Like Humans Do, Lots of Talking Heads, The Buzzcocks--Lipstick and Ever Fallen In-Love, The Pretenders--Back on the Chain Gang, Cyndi Lauper--Time After Time.


Kitten DeClaude said...

I once had back on the chain gang stuck in my head for almost a week. I realized how long it had been when my project partner brought the cd to work for me to exercise the demon. He said that I had been humming it off and on all week and it was killing him!!

Kitten DeClaude said...

Ok. I meant exorcise. lol

Lydia Gwyn said...

I always get Johnny and the Sprites songs stuck in my head.

Awwholic said...

A lot of companies are over anticipating the drop of the economy, so it seems to be pretty hard to find a job due to a lot of speculation. It doesn’t help when the stock market is a big key factor in dictation. Jobs are still out there, though.. I just feel like the particular field you are going into might be a hard one. I would suggest looking for jobs that require similar skills. Good luck with that!

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