Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving mother made a turkey, stuffing and a pumpkin pie, and my father made mashed potatoes. I made the green bean casserole, cresent rolls and opened the can of cranberry sauce. It was all so yummy!

T and I scratched lottery tickets while the food was cooking. The state lottery is always part of the Copeland Thanksgiving tradition.

Seamus ate and ate, but once he discovered cranberry sauce nothing else compared. I think he may have eaten half a can of the stuff before we took it away.

Even Georgia got in on the Thanksgiving action, begging Grandpa for turkey constantly (and later tearing through the trashcan for gizzards).

The next day, we met my uncle Mike and aunt Janet in the City for dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner, a 50s themed dinner in which the waitstaff sing and perform Broadway tunes. Many fine actors have had their start in this very diner. We had a blast. Seamus enjoyed the singing and the toy train that cirlced the room. He ate an entire plate of chicken and fries!

Afterwards, we took Seamus to FAO Schwartz, where he tore through the place trying out the pianos and kick balls and petting all the stuffed animals.

On Saturday, T and I left Mr. S in the care of my parents and had a day date in the city. We ate at the Big Bowl of Noodles in Midtown:

Then walked around Bryant Park, watching ice skaters and purusing shops.

Afterwards, we visited the NY public library, where we met Peter Rabbit and each of us had typical public library bathroom experiences...mine involved a homeless woman washing her hair in the sink.

Then we went to the MOMA and saw Rothkos and Lichtensteins, Picassos and Braques, Ensors and Warhols. But, after viewing sculptures of banana splits and ice cream cones, we left the MOMA and headed downtown for some Baskin-Robbins.

Then, we boarded the train back home for Pompeii Pizza with my parents.

Wish it could have been a longer vacation. We had such fun spending time with my parents and eachother.


Derrick, Kimberly and Aiden Morris said...

I'm so happy you had such a wonderful Holiday. Lydia, I can not get over how gorgeous your Mom is!!!

Lydia Gwyn said...

I must tell my mom what you've said. It'll make her day! She's pretty hot for an old lady, huh?

Mary said...

Thanks, girls! You make an old lady blush!


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