Sunday, November 2, 2008

Special Deliveries

There was a special delivery this past week that I forgot to mention. Grandie sent Mr. S a whole box of long-sleeved shirts, warm pants, hats, mittens, Levis jeans and a little gentleman's outfit that came complete with an argyle sweater vest. Also, in the box were coloring books, another Curious George book (quickly becoming Seamus's favorite new book), crayons, Starbucks coffee and loads of trail mix and chocolate for me and T. Yum! I had just been thinking of trail mix earlier in the day and how it would be the perfect snack for work. I do most of my eating on the go now, and needed something with protein and nutrition. As usual, my mother read my mind. Also, did I forget to mention the lovely package T's mom sent up a few days ago? It contained the warmest, fleece pajamas for Mr. S., Halloween candies and stickers and, best of all, homemade apple butter (made the old fashioned way by T's family).

It's Sunday already. How can this be? And tomorrow the new Reserves Manager starts her first day of work. She will be my new boss, or at least the boss directly over me. I have a couple of bosses. Her position fills the giant need in our department to have someone with more legal expertise since we're dealing with fair use in nearly every aspect of our work. I'm happy to have another woman in the office, though I have been enjoying talking to one of the female student workers, who is a fashion design major and is just learning to knit. I still wouldn't say I've made a great deal of friends here yet, but it is nice speaking to other adults on a daily basis.

Yesterday it was 67 degrees in Bayonne, and so Mr. S and I took to the park...

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