Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today I took the train to Hoboken all by myself. I've always gone with T and/or Seamus in the past. After I dropped Seamus off at school, I came home, made a cup of coffee, walked the dog and set off to the Hoboken Target Shopping Center. It was nice being alone on the train, although I forgot my book and also forgot to synchronize my iPod while it was charging. So I had no playlists and nothing to read. This was probably for the best. It was nice staring out the window, watching Bayonne become Jersey City and Jersey City become Hoboken. I was facing New York City on the way there, so I got a great view of the lower west side. It's crazy that it now takes a ten minute walk to the Light Rail, a thirty minute train ride and then another ten minute walk just to go to Target, whereas in Tennessee I'd hop in the car and be there in less than three minutes. The purpose of my visit was to buy Seamus some new clothes and me a winter coat. (It was in the 40s this morning!) Seamus is already growing out of his 18 month clothes and wearing mostly 2T or 24 months, and for some reason there's not much in his wardrobe that goes beyond 18 months. So, I took my birthday money and made out like a bandit. I bought him three new shirts, a pair of new jeans and some fleece pajamas. And I found a lovely red, wool peacoat for me for only $35. It's beautiful, but it's cropped at the waist, which means I'll probably have to buy something longer in January or so. Target really didn't have much of a coat selection, and I can't afford NYC prices yet. I also bought 60 diapers for $11. In Bayonne, I was paying $17 for the same.

Day care was hard today because Seamus had three days with me and T (mostly me) all to himself. He started crying as soon as I strolled him through the day care doors. His teacher had to pry him from my arms again and walk out of eyesight. It was rough. I keep trying not to think about how hard next week is going to be when I start work.

So when I picked him up, we headed for the park, where we played until dinner time. Seamus is in his dinosaur sweater again, a family favorite.

This would be a great picture if only my camera strap weren't in the way:

Pretending to be a cat:

A first Fall leaf:

People were sailing on the Bay today. I wish they were wearing white v-neck sweaters and captain hats.


Rickety Rosie said...

When you ride the train, are other passengers friendly, or do people mostly keep to themselves?

Lydia Gwyn said...

People mostly keep to themselves, unless I have Seamus with me and then they're more likely to talk. I met a girl a couple of weeks ago who couldn't believe Seamus's name. Seamus had been a name she'd decide on for her future kid long ago (she was fresh out of college--no kids yet). Then when I told her I'd just moved to NJ she said she had to. When I asked where from she said Hattiesburg, MS. She'd attended USM the year after me. We had a nice conversation.

Lydia Gwyn said...
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Kitten DeClaude said...

Bobby wants a captains hat.

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