Monday, October 13, 2008

Special Delivery

Just so you know, I forgot to make mention that my start date at Parsons is actually Thursday, not tomorrow. I did, however, have to make a trip into the city today to go to HR and turn in my paperwork and also visit with my supervisor to officially meet my new computer and workspace. Of course, I forgot to bring a void check to HR so they could set-up direct deposit, and when I ran all over the village trying to find a WaMu or a Chase that could give me my routing number, I got lost once and had to backtrack all over the place. I finally found a WaMu and, of course, they were closed for Columbus Day (though other banks were open). So now I have to trek all the back to Manhattan tomorrow just to take a little rectangular piece of paper to the 18th floor of 79 Fifth Avenue.

When I got home today, there was a mysterious package on my doorstep. Most mysterious, not because it was from my mother but because the mail didn't run today. My mother sent the package got here awfully quick. I still haven't figured this out. The package was full of clothes for Seamus, pretty much a whole wardrobe of gorgeous fall sweaters, corduroy pants and socks. There were also a ton of new books (which is great because we've read our entire library a hundred times over), some Mad Libs for me and two giant bags of M & Ms. Later my mom called to say that she had a whole case of diapers shipped to us from that should be here tomorrow. I have the coolest mom. Thanks!

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