Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Knitting on Trains

This post really isn't about knitting on trains, although I did just that today for the first time in my life and it was fun, or how I walked all over Manhattan again this morning trying to find a non-existant address. Instead it's about how much I love my new workplace neighborhood. This job at Parsons (I should start calling it the New School since that's what everyone else calls it) may be temporary and not the best paying job in the world, but it's in one of the most beautiful and vibrant parts of NYC. I'm so lucky. I get to walk down Fifth Avenue five days a week and smell all the great restaurant smells and watch all the beauftifully dressed people milling around. If I ever have the money, I can shop at Anthropologie or H & M or one of the hundreds of little boutiques bookstores, stationary shops or toy stores in my neighborhood. I may have gotten lost more than a few times today and gotten off on to slow start this morning, but I made a day of it and took my time. I snapped lots of photos for you Tennessee folks.

Here are a few of the best:

The view from the train approaching Hoboken Termnial:

Hoboken Terminal itself and the view of NYC from Hoboken:

Up and down Fifth Avenue:

The Anthropologie Window (those swirling flowers you see are really sculptures made from books):

My new workplace:

I dressed Seamus in his new Grandie clothes this morning. Everything fits just right, with a little room to grow. He still cried when I dropped him off at school, but at least he didn't scream Mama, Mama, Mama the entire time. Hopefully when I pick him up today, he'll be just as he was yesterday, deeply involved in some activity, too busy to notice me.

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