Friday, October 3, 2008

More Special Deliveries and an Itsy, Bitsy Spider

All week long little packages and cards have been arriving in the mail for my birthday. What a treat, especially given the week we’ve had up here in the lonely, cold North. Mr. S with his day care, my failed attempts at securing permanent employment, T’s long hours away from his family. The surprises in my mailbox each day have pepped me up and made me miss everyone even more than I already do. Today I received beautiful birthday cards from Gina and Richda, and the whole family received a package from T’s mom, otherwise known as Mammaw. She sent us a webcam and a box of Halloween treats. Candy and stickers for Seamus, a cute “what happens at grandma’s stays at grandma’s” shirt and a Spongebob towel, which he loves. There was also a beautiful birthday card inside that made me misty-eyed when I read it. Thanks Mammaw for the gift card too! I had to make a special trip to the post office today to buy a book of stamps for all the thank-you cards I’m going to send. Thanks Gina, Nana, Richda, Mammaw and Grandie!

T enjoyed Madame Alexander yesterday. Although he said the girls in his class probably enjoyed it more. He got the grand tour of the place and even got a good look at their archives. Turns out the dolls I remembered playing with as a child probably were Madame Alexander dolls, and they were most likely Little Women dolls. Go figure. T came back with a gift bag (he always does when he visits toy industry people). This one had a little Sweet Pea doll inside:

This morning was the third day of school for Seamus, and it’s not getting any easier. Now that he’s wise, he starts clinging to me as soon as we walk in the door, and the teacher has to pry his arms from around my neck. He cries the entire time. I say a quick, cheery good-bye, always making sure he sees me smile and knows I’m leaving (I’ve been told it’s very hard on children if you sneak out without them knowing). And the smile is because I want him to think school is a happy, fun place. But really, I’m on the verge of tears the whole time. Once I pick him up in the afternoon, however, he’s just fine. Yesterday he didn’t even notice I’d walked in the room. His teachers say he only cries for a few minutes, just until circle time when they sing songs and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then he joins right in and has fun for the rest of the day. He eats his lunch, takes his nap, plays with the other children, reads and, they tell me, is a the only kid of all the new kids who does cry on and off all day. His teacher says he’s always the first in line for freeplay time in the big toy room. When I picked him up today, one of the teachers was singing and playing a tambourine and all the children were dancing in a circle. Seamus was holding one of his teachers hands and having a great time until he saw me and ran over to me, crying and saying mama over and over. When we get home he’s fine and normal until Papa comes home from school, and then he clings to me for the rest of the night, following me from room to room, wanting me to hold him a lot more than usual and only wanting me to put him to bed. I guess this is just separation anxiety. I worry about what will happen when I’m working full-time and only able to see him for a couple of hours a day.

After day care, I scrounged around for a warm hat for Seamus and all I could come up with was the hat my parents brought back from Latvia for him many months ago. It’s a bit small, but it was the only thing that came close to fitting him. This only means I’ll need to knit a new hat for him. Shucks. Once I got him to keep the hat on, we went to the park for a bit and enjoyed the fall weather. He's sporting the sweater Grandie knitted for him when he was just a flutter in my belly.

This morning he woke up saying batgirl over and over, and he’s been saying it all day. (T has a Batgirl action figure he lets Seamus play with.) This is the first time he’s ever consistently said a two syllable word. Usually he’ll just say part of a word such as pop for lollipop or pack for package. Just before T came home I was singing Itsy, Bitsy Spider ,and when I finished, he started singing soft and low in his little boy voice, and clear as day he sang the three words Itsy-Bitsy-Spider. He did this twice. I was so happy I was crying when I buzzed T in the door.


alice said...

Happy Birthday, Lydia!! I miss you guys! Mr. S is growing up quick. Hope all is well up there. Have a magnificent day!

Rickety Rosie said...

What a great, newsy blog entry! The pea pod baby is adorable. Have a happy, wonderful birthday - hope you and Thomas have a chance to celebrate a new year for you and a new life for all of you.

Love, Richda

Kitten DeClaude said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh, wish I could bake you a cake. I used to love getting packages when we were preggers and stuck in Mountain City. Email was great, but the mailbox was this whole other universe of fun. Once my friend Becky was wise to this I got all sorts of oddities (shipped from far away Elizabethton!). I would love to have your mailing address. That little boy is the most handsome little man I have ever seen. I am sure that he will settle into day care and be fine after he gets used to the routine. Hug both of those big strong fellas for me and have them give you a hug as well. I love you all.

Lydia Gwyn said...

I have the best friends ever! I miss you guys.

Derrick, Kimberly and Aiden Morris said...

I know I'm a few days late but Happy Birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day!

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