Friday, October 17, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

This is the view from my workspace at the New School. I work on the ninth floor of a building that houses portions of the library, classrooms, computer labs and probably a few other things of which I'm not yet aware. There are three porthole-like windows lining one end of the room, and each of the computers I use either faces the windows or is right next to them. It's hard not to get lost in the buildings while I'm digitizing and cataloging documents (which is about all I've been doing the first couple of days). I think the building directly across from me with the landscaping on the upper floors is a fancy apartment building. I like looking at the city through these windows first thing in the morning when the light is pale yellow or there's a slight mist in the air. I'm allowed to keep early hours, or basically whatever hours I want as long as I get my hours in each day. This morning I came in at 8:30, so I could go home at 4:30 and make it home in time to feed Seamus dinner. I had the place to myself until nearly 11:00 am. It was so wonderful sipping tea and quietly cataloging my stack of documents with my own private view of the city. I think there will be many mornings like this. I want to write more, lots more, about how funny and smart and interesting my co-workers are, about how I'm the only woman in my department(though I've been told there's a female student worker whose been out this week), about the rush hour train rides and the mysterious Bayonne Flyer, but I'm bone tired this evening. My feet hurt, my legs hurt and I feel like I'm still swaying around on the train (like when you've been floating in the ocean all day and you lay down to sleep at night). I promise there will be more tomorrow. For now, please enjoy these photos snapped on my lunch hour walk around Fifth Avenue.

And of course you must see the sunset in Bayonne yesterday:

Seamus enjoyed it too:


Rebecca said...

can't wait to hear more stories about your work in the city & commute there each day. the view from your porthole (and porthole itself) is enchanting! lucky you.

Rickety Rosie said...

So glad to get a work report from you. It sounds great. Can't wait to read about your co-workers!

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