Wednesday, September 3, 2008

T is nearly finished with his second week of classes and has been coming home giving me a play by play of everything he’s learning. This is an amazing program, all encompassing and very comprehensive. He’s taking a developmental psychology course (and finding Dr. Spock has come in very handy). He got to talk about what it was like watching childbirth the other day. Only he and the professor had ever witnessed a birth. Most of the other students are babes themselves. T’s also taking a course that deals primarily with introducing students to the engineering aspect of toy design. This week they’re taking apart a push button, voice box toy, pulling the microchips out and inserting new ones with the students voices on them. He’s also having to learn binary code for this course. He has another course that meets mostly at the Toys R Us in Times Square. He also has a five week sewing course that starts soon. This is the course that meets on Saturdays. And next week one of the big executives from Hasbro is coming to speak with his Toy Industry Overview class. Hasbro is T’s dream. We both hope he ends up there. (The president of Hasbro will also be speaking with them sometime this semester.) I’m only hearing about the content of T’s classes, and I’m already thinking of Seamus’s toys in a completely different way.

I’m so proud of T for getting accepted into this program. It was his dream for the longest time. I don’t know many people as focused, motivated and hardworking as he is.

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