Monday, September 1, 2008

Seamus Update

Since moving to Bayonne, Seamus has learned the color blue. He’ll hand me a blue block or point to a picture of a blue animal in a book and say bwoo. And whenever he uses a crayon, he’ll make a mark on the paper, point at it and excitedly announce to the room, bwoo…doesn’t matter if the crayon was red or purple or green.

He also knows two of his Doodlebops. Dee Dee and Moe. Moe is his favorite. One of Seamus’s treats is a Doodlebops dvd. I let him watch an episode or two with breakfast. On our walk the other day, he began rolling one hand over the other in true Doodlebop choreography and chanting Moe! Dee Dee! Moe! If you’ve ever seen the Doodlebops, you probably know he’s imitating the Doodlebop pledge where Doodlebops announce their names, and you probably know that Rooney is missing from my son’s role call. He became very upset this afternoon when Papa turned the Doodlebops dvd off because Seamus was zombied out on the couch like an old man.

I read today in What to Expect: The Toddler Years that at seventeen months a baby should be able to stack four blocks. Seamus has a ton of blocks but never plays with them; so I pulled them out to what he’d do, and he spent the next half hour making block towers. His tallest was eight blocks.

We've introduced the Brio train set. At this point, he likes taking the tracks apart more than playing with the trains.

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