Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just for You, Mom

My mother says she's going through withdrawal, that she's checked my blog three times today for news and pictures, and nothing. So, these pictures are just for you mom:

Seamus's Sesame Street House (circa 1977--gifted to us by my cousin Jesse):

Seamus loves this house! It came with a ton of Sesame Street Characters including Prairie Dawn, the Count, Sherlock Jones and the usual suspects (Bert and Ernie, Grover, Big Bird, etc.). This toy has been such a learning opportunity for him. He can now laugh like the Count, can say Grover, Bert and Ernie and has a strong attachment to Prairie Dawn. For the longest time Prairie Dawn was eating every meal with us and taking baths with Seamus.

This next picture is what happens when I let Seamus feed himself:

Seamus and Mama by the Bay (I have lipstick on my chin from little hands):

Reading a Card from Grandie:

Birds (We must have read this book a hundred times. I've had to tape pages back together.):

We saw the Cormorants on our walk again today. We saw one up close and personal the other day, watched it catching fish just a few feet from us. Of course this was the day my camera's battery was "exhausted." Today, however, we saw something I'd just been reading about:

"[The Cormorant's] wings are not completely waterproof, so upon leaving the water the bird often perches on exposed objects with its wings held out to catch the sun's rays and dry its feathers." (from Alsop's Birds of North America)


Mary said...

Thank you so much! The pictures are beautiful--even the messy pasta faced boy. And, of course, we love reading anything you write. We miss you guys!

Love you!

Lydia Gwyn said...


from seamus

Derrick, Kimberly and Aiden Morris said...

You two are going to make me cry! I especially love the picture of Seamus feeding himself, he is adorable!

Rebecca said...

your poor ma! hope the extra photos helped ease her longing for you and Seamus.

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