Saturday, September 20, 2008

Famous Seamus

Lately I've been getting a lot of requests from friends and family for more pictures and news of Seamus. I have a lot of both.

Everyday Seamus learns several new words. Yesterday he learned the word "cook." He was eating dinner, and I was talking to him about how I thought his grandie was the best cook in the world when I was a little girl. And he looked at me and said "gee, cook?" Gee is his word for Grandie. For the next thirty minutes that's about all he would say. I explained to him what cooking meant and that his stir-fried vegetables and rice couldn't be eaten until they were cooked. He loves to watch me prepare dinner. He always wants me to hold him so he can watch me stir sauces and vegetables. I've been thinking about getting him a kid kitchen and keeping it in our kitchen so he and I can cook dinner at the same time. This would make a great Christmas gift.

Reading is still Seamus's favorite activity. On an average day we read about 20-30 books. Reading keeps him quiet on the trains, calms him before nap and bed times, teaches him new words and new animal sounds, colors. Lately he's been telling me about a book as he hands it to me and we prepare to read it. Yesterday, he handed me Frog Went A Courtin', one or our very favorite books, and then he said "frog. Horse. Cat." And then he started hissing like the cat at the end of the book when he crashes the wedding party. He's learned the difference between a loon, duck and goose from his nature books. Right now loons are his favorite birds. He calls them "noons." My best bird book is falling apart now because Seamus is constantly searching for the loons in its pages. He learned how to gobble like a turkey from reading The Jolly Barnyard. And he can find the hidden mouse on the color pages of Goodnight Moon.

He and Kiki are still best friends, even though Kiki scratched Seamus last week for being too rough. Seamus loves to squeeze the cat and smack him affectionately. The cat has been very patient and accomodating.

Fresh from a nap:

In and out of boxes and baskets (only a toddler could get away with a Spiderman shirt and camoflaug sweat pants):

Important phone call with a mama parrot:

Reading after a bath (note whose wearing the hooded bath towel):

The other day we went on a family walk down to the Bay. The sun was setting. It was still sweater weather. We stayed up past Seamus's bedtime playing on the swings.


Mary said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We love the pictures and news of our wonderful grandson famous Seamus! Love you!

Mom/Grandie (Gee)

Lydia Gwyn said...

We miss and love you too, Grandie!

Derrick, Kimberly and Aiden Morris said...

Those pictures of the bay are beautiful!

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