Sunday, August 3, 2008

This Very Moment

I'm sitting in my parents' den sipping the weakest coffee I've ever made. I didn't grind the beans long enough this morning, and my coffee looks and tastes more like tea. I'm hoping several cups will do the job of one. Went to bed at midnight last night, after a long, long, long day of moving. Got up at five a.m. this morning to drive T to the Knoxville airport. As far as I know he's sitting in a terminal in Atlanta this very moment. His plane is due to land in Newark, NJ a little after noon.

Seamus is napping, and my parents are teaching Sunday school. I should be napping as well, but I can't stay away from Craigslist and the new Vogue Knitting Magazine.

The contents of our last apartment are squared away in my parents' garage. I can't believe a whole life (three of them) fits in there. We plan to pack it all up again as soon as T finds us an apartment. Let's hope he gets lucky today or tomorrow! We're looking to live in Bayonne. You get more bang for your buck there, and it's a slower pace but still minutes from NYC.

The nice cushion in our savings account is dwindling with each plane ticket and each day T decides to stay in NJ. Before our apartment deal fell through, we had enough money to pay rent through December. Now we'll be lucky to make it to September or October. As a last resort we've started playing the lottery. We've won $26 so far.

Today, Seamus and my parents and I are travelling to Kingston for a going-away party in the gwyn family honor. My cousin Jeremiah is also being honored for getting into grad school and moving off to Ohio. I'll take lots of pictures and post them soon.

I feel terrible about not having the time to say good-bye to certain friends. I meant to make a few stops on Saturday before heading out of town. Sorry Circ desk and sorry Kitty. You don't realize the amount of stuff you have until you pull it all out from under the beds and the closet. It took us much longer to move than we expected. We will, however, be back in town at some point. We still having family in TN, and T will surely get some time off.

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