Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rangs and Thangs

Seamus is still a Tennessee boy. There are a couple of men’s rings T lets him put on his fingers, and he calls them rangs. I hope this doesn’t change. The accent here is harsh, and everyone has it. I’m slowly getting used to it. Maybe by the time we leave here I’ll have grown to love it. Who knows what Seamus’s voice will sound like once he starts talking all the time, especially being around all those Jersey kids in day care. We keep running into girls in the park who want to play with him and they’re all so bossy. Even at the tender age of three they have that typical Jersey girl attitude and the accent to boot. The other day he was playing with a little girl named Amber who kept trying to get him to say her name. Say Amb-a, she kept saying.

Seamus thinks everything is a cell phone. The remote control, the stud finder, T’s MP3 Player. He’ll hold these things up to his ear and start talking in what we refer to as Shamanese. He’ll carry on an imaginary conversation for a minute or two and then start laughing into the phone at some imaginary joke. Sometimes he says he’s talking to a baby.

T starts class tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m sure once I find a job we’ll fall into a routine. My landlord is an engineer and also teaches part-time at the University of Phoenix. He’s asked for my resume. Says he may be able to get me a job teaching English on their Jersey City campus or online. The snooty me used to make fun of the University of Phoenix and their commercials, but that was before I was jobless. T says, It’s a job and you don’t have time to be picky. He’s right. I think the University of Phoenix is at least accredited.

Yesterday we ventured into the city. It took about 45 minutes and two trains. We took the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail from Bayonne to Hoboken Terminal. From there we took the PATH to 33rd Street in Manhattan. I sat outside the NY Public Library and applied for insurance online for me and Seamus (it’s sad that I have to go all the way to NYC to find free wi-fi. Even the Bayonne McDonald‘s charges by the hour), and then we hung around Bryant Park where Seamus and I rode a beautiful old carousel.

T and I shared a couple of beers last night and finished off the rest of our Mocha Silk ice cream. We watched The Magnificent Seven until I fell asleep.

Tomorrow day care registration and then it’s off to the temp agency for me.

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