Saturday, August 23, 2008

New York, New York

Someone has pulled the fire alarm at the middle school again, and now there’s a fire truck blocking my street. Did I mention we live right across the street from a middle school? It’s Saturday and school doesn’t start until next week. Don’t know who could be in the building besides maintenance workers. This is the second time the middle school fire alarm has gone off since we’ve been here. The first time I heard it, I was reminded of the tornado sirens in Mississippi.

Yesterday there was another domestic dispute from the same neighbors as before. This would be the fourth or fifth one this week. Our landlord gave us the lowdown. Apparently, the landlord who owns the building next to us allows her niece and niece’s boyfriend to live there. Their apartment is no more than a car length away from (and completely parallel to) our apartment. The niece and her boyfriend get in screaming fights all the time. Mostly it’s the landlord’s niece doing all the screaming. I’ve never once heard the boyfriend speak. The police have been called on several occasions, but the niece’s uncle is a police officer; so it’s doubtful that anything will be done. Their fights never last long, but I swear this girl screams so loud the whole neighborhood can hear their argument.

Today we’re going to the city, just to check email and conduct other electronic business. (We STILL do not have internet. Verizon says we’ll have it Wednesday.) Also, I wanted to get the hang of the train system before T goes back to class. I think we’re going to the NY Public Library! I’ll post lots of photos.


On the Light Rail to Hoboken Terminal:

Hoboken Terminal:

The Empire State Building:

The New York Public Library:

Bryant Park (where Fashion Week is held):

A Carousel in Bryant Park:

On the way home, we stopped to feed the seagulls at Hoboken Terminal:

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