Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lost in the Bronx

Left home this morning at 11:00. Took three trains to Washington Heights to visit my cousin Alex and his lovely lady Rachael and their new baby Isaiah. Decided not to take the A train to Washington Heights, took the number 2 train instead. After a several minutes (and a couple of announcements telling us our train was making local stops only), we realized we were in the Bronx. Got off the train at Prospect; took another train back to 96th street. Stood on the wrong side of the tracks for many minutes…missed the number 1 train going to Washington Heights. Crossed to the other side of the tracks and finally got on the right train. Had a lovely visit with family. Isaiah is so handsome and laid back. I don’t know how he slept through my little squeal box running around his house. Ate homemade brownies, fruit pie and organic ice cream. Took the A train to Penn Station. Seamus was coming down from his ice cream high on the way back and had a twenty minute melt down on the train. We calmed him by telling him there were pigeons under our seats. He spent the rest of the ride looking for them. Took the PATH to Hoboken Terminal, then the Light Rail back to Bayonne. Got home at 7:30 this evening. I’d been hoping to be home before 5:00. I feel like I’ve spent the entire day on a train.

We lived and learned today. Always take the A train to Washington Heights.

Before we got on the Subway, we went to FIT, and T showed me his regular hangouts.

FIT is on Fashion Avenue:

We also saw our first New York City Cock Roach:

Verizon is sending our wireless modem. It should be here Wednesday, but at this point I don’t believe we’ll ever have internet. Who knew being without the internet for so long could be so depressing? I’m having a terrible time finding a job without it. I usually break down, go to McDonald’s and pay to use their wi-fi. Then I spend the next two hours trying to compose cover letters over the noise of lunch conversations and disgruntled employees. Last week I applied for a library job at FIT (T thinks it would be nice if we could have lunch together every day. Me too!). I also applied for a copy-editing position at Soap Opera Digest. How fun that would be! The next day I spoke with the dean of the English department at the University of Phoenix. He’s trying to put together some courses for October. He told me to send him my resume the first week of September. It doesn’t pay a lot, but it would probably make a nice Christmas fund for the Gwyns. Next week I may go to a temp agency closer to the city. My aunt tells me this may be a good way to get a job on Wall Street and that Wall Street companies often hire library people. Let’s hope something turns up soon. It’s expensive here.

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